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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmm?"

What is so magical about mom and dad's shower that causes all the kids to fight over who gets to use it?

How come every toddler has a normal, everyday word that comes out sounding like the worst possible swear word. Branson's is "frog." Although Anderson's was more of a phrase. Whenever we would drive past a gas station he would get excited thinking we were headed to "go get some gas." But in his toddler voice he simply stated, "get gas" but it sounding more like he was wanting to "kick" something.

Why do the dirty clothes get dropped or thrown onto the floor only to land inches away from the laundry basket...repeatedly?

Really? Does she really think that cute tan boots, slick basketball sweats and a nice flowery shirt match? Yes...yes she does.

At church on Sunday, why does everyone (including John) think that Branson's snacks are a free for all. Come on guys it is not a movie with concessions!

What on earth is Branson's thing with garbage cans!? He loves to push them over and then body slam them on the ground. This is just peachy when the can is full of potato peelings and raw chicken.

Why do we love our pets so much? The dog is untrained, fat, lazy and she smells . Our cat is completely bipolar...I am sure of it.

What is it about Fishy Crackers? Between the older kid's school lunches and Branson's snacks I am pretty sure we could keep that company in business.

Why is it that all of a sudden things just start falling apart around the house. The kitchen faucet starts dripping, one of the toilets starts running all the time, the garage door won't shut, and the bathroom fan sounds like it's going to explode!

Why did Sydney choose the topic of "Not Bullying" for her Family Home Evening lesson this week? And why did she continue to look at her older brothers the entire time she was giving it?

(I completely stole this one from my cousin Noelle...)
Why does motherhood often feel like you are stuck in the movie Groundhog Day?


Kristen said...

I'm still laughing over the image of Branson body slamming the garbage can!

Em and Ms said...

Hmmm...to entertain all of us?

LKP said...

you have to know i laughed ALL the way through this post. =)
as for the speaking thing...yeah, daisy had a doozey. do you remember that movie "road to eldorado"? it was her FAVE and she begged for it all. the. time. only when she asked for it she ran road & eldorado together into one seamless word, while also dropping the "ro" sound off the front...you must forgive me, it went "i'unna watch d'elderado"....yeah, run that together fast and you catch my drift.
love ya! hope your giggling as well, cause you totally made my day.

lindsay>boo said...

okay, it absolutely feels like we've got the same households right now.

Motherhood = Groundhog's Day? Nothing is a better description than that!

{ bRee } said...

This was really funny! Thanks Amy for always keeping me smiling, I so look forward to your blog!

Oh, and your new header is so sweet.

Deborama said...

Yay for your photography class!!! Im so excited, little jealous but in a healthy excited for you way! :) I LOVE your pics, and the thought of using that camera without the auto setting is so scary!!! :) You need to charge at least 100 for whole family pics. :)

Shayla said...

I can't help but feel a little bit of Sydney's pain...all those brothers, I'm sure she gets constant teasing. I had five older ones and I love to tease them all now that they are the cause of all my therapy sessions. ;) Thanks for the laughs! Oh, and what font is that in your header? I LOVE it.

Alicia said...

LOVED this post. You are hilarious. I totally was thinking of one of a thing that made me go hmmmm just yesterday, but do you think I can remember it now?! Love your new header too!

SuzanSayz said...

You redecorated!
I LOVE it!
I also loved this post. You have hit on just a few of the, what I am sure are, the most Universal Questions of all time.
It might not say in the scriptures if Eve had a dirty clothes basket but you just have to know that she DID and that none of her kids ever got their clothes all the way in.
One more thing.
Donald was in love with big trucks when he was small. Whenever he would see one he would squeal at the top of his little lungs;
Mamma! Mamma! A FRUCK! A FRUCK!!!

Noelle said...

i was so grateful for cjanes perfect description of my life: groundhog day. that's where i got the idea.
love the post. love the new header.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

One of my favorite blog posts of all time, from any blog! WIN!!

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

Amy- Thank you so much for the Oreo idea. I will be having some fun with TYler this weekend!!

Oh and good question, I wonder why all those things are too?

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

I forgot to mention that my girls last name is FUNK- oh yeah that was a fun one for a toddler to pronounce!

Mikki said...

and why do I identify with everything on this list? LOL
Oh my gosh, Sunday for Church, Ashley's ensemble included black and orange striped tights (left over from Halloween) paired with a grey and purple striped dress. She walked out of the room and I about died!