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Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Number is Up! (Not Really but it sure felt like it)

12---The number of days the Cazier household was sick...and I mean sick. (Branson had it the worst and for the WHOLE time)
11 (11,000 to be more accurate)--The number of times Baby Einstein played on our TV. (I owe this company my sanity)
10--The number of times I was thrown up on. (Needless to say I didn't dress up much.)
9--The number of days my computer sat in a box, just waiting to be set up and put back in use.
8--The number of hours in the day that Branson refused to be put down... but he didn't really want to be held either...he really didn't know what he wanted.
7--The number of times we ate out. Well, we didn't eat out but John went to get fast food.
6--The number of people in our family who came down with some form of this wonderful flu.
5--The number of times I almost lost it...almost.
4--The number of times Branson bathed each day and oddly enough it is also the number of times he had diarrhea in the bath while we were cleaning him up from vomiting.
3--The number of times I thought Branson was well enough to throw him in his car seat and take a quick trip to the Jack in the Box drive through. And yes I ordered a LARGE Oreo Milkshake!!! (I'm paying for those trips this week...big time.)
2--The Number of times Branson went to the doctor in 4 days and the number of times his sleepers got worn each day. (Yep...bad diarrhea and vomiting will do that to your PJ's. But I had a constant flow of laundry going and he would have those same jamies on later in the day after another pair was soiled.)
1--The number of books I read when everyone who was sick was finally sleeping. I read The Host and I absolutely LOVED it. What a great, thrilling read!
0--The number of times I would wish this experience on my worst enemy!


Em and Ms said...

Wow, I'm so sorry! I wondered where you'd been. That is no fun--and a long time to be sick. I'm glad you made it through alive.

Bren's Life said...

I am so sorry! I was wondering what happened to you. That sounds absolutely horrible. I don't know how you can handle the throw up & the runs. I'd be throwing up too..

Shayla said...

Uck! So sorry you guys had it so bad. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't come my way. Is everyone back to normal/healthy yet?

SuzanSayz said...

I have really missed your blog. I kept thinking, I'm pretty sure Amy's two weeks without a computer are over. I figured that maybe it had taken much longer to be fixed or some other problem with it arose. Now it turns out that your absence was due to something much more organic than computers.
Feel good. I'm pretty sure that these are the times that earn us extra gold stars in Heaven!

Kris said...

So sorry you had the flu. It sounds horrible. I hope you are all better and will not get it again soon. Welcome back to blogland.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Glad to see you're finally back and better! We had hoped to drop in on you guys last weekend, but Alicia told us the smart money was on staying as far away as possible! :)

Welcome back, and we're going to have to come see you NEXT time we're over!

Dandee said...

Happy that you're all coming out of the funk. Here's to healthier times!

hatch said...

That sounds horrible. I am sure you were feeling like your number was up. Glad things are looking better.

Noelle said...

i hope stomach peace comes to you and yours. i hope your children aren't sick (and you for that matter) for a whole year. this is a great way to express your feelings of a very stressful/frustrating 12 days. 12 days! have mercy.

Lisa said...

Oh Amy! How aweful! So that's what you have been up to. I hope that life returns to normal soon and that this all becomes a distant memory. Take care :)

Ben and Alissa said...

I'm sorry! Katie was sick last week and part of this week too, she's finally getting over her runny nose and cough, but she didn't have it nearly as bad as Branson! Poor little guy! Katie didn't know what she wanted either, she didn't want to be alone on the floor and thought she wanted to be held, but then didn't want that either. The only thing I found that seemed to make her happy was to be sitting *on* my lap while she played with her toys.

debsters said...

Yuck!! Poor Branson. Hopefully your household will stay healthy, you've definately had your fill of sicklies this week.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Oh my goodness you and your family were sure put thru the flu ringer! Ugh!

Hey... It looks like I am starting a book club and it "looks" like our first book is going to be "The Host" I'm so glad to hear you loved it! A few of us girls read the Twilight series and decided to buy the Host...I'm just waiting for one person to finish up the Twilight series then I "think" we are going to start the book club.

Hope you are all feeling better!
Glad your back up and running, you were missed!

K.Hatch said...

This stomache flu thing sucks! I am the last one to get it! It does not feel good!

Alicia said...

Oooh, please tell us more about the diarrhea and the vomiting!

Deborama said...

Thats horrible! Im glad your back though! I have missed your posts! :)

Jodi said...

Sorry that you had to go through all of this - hope all is well now!

Mikki said...

Oh my goodness! Poor you!! I hope everyone is feeling better now!?