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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

True Authentic Mom?

My Blogging friend Kristin tagged me as a True Authentic Mom! If I was ever to feel honored about accepting an award...this would be it. Us mom's don't get too many pats on the back and this was such a sweet surprise. Kristin says she picked me because, "Your stories and your pictures of your children could win awards." Now she doesn't say WHAT awards. It could be The Crappiest Mom of the Year award....or the Don't ever Listen to HER Advice award, but I'll take it! I am now supposed to tell five things that make me an authentic Mom.

I opened my fridge to take a picture of all the boxes of frozen pizzas, corn dogs and other teen friendly foods but they were already gone! My boys eat 4-5 meals a day and I cannot keep up! So you are thinking..."you feed them that crud? You're a terrible mom!" I feed them a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The "Teen Foods" are for the after school meal and the right before bed meal. How do you eat a dinner of Chili, cornbread, chips and cookie salad and then two hours later eat three pizza pockets? These boys are a bottomless pit!#2
I have a "height wall." It's mismatched, sloppy and sporadic and I love it!
I love looking back at the years when the kids wanted me to measure them several times a month.I love that we have more than just the kids on the wall. And to say that my boys are excited to make their marks OVER mine is an understatement. Should I tell them that 4 foot 11 isn't a hard mark to beat?#3
When we added on to the house many years back I designed the playroom so that it is smack in the middle of the kitchen area and the family room. You actually have to walk through the toys to get between the two rooms. Yes it often looks like this....But all toys, coloring books, puzzles, board books, VHS movies, games, and learning materials are in one room.And I was called "crazy" for the placement of the room. People have asked if I run a preschool or daycare. Nope, I am just a mom who knows that wherever mom is...that is where the kids and toys will end up. I actually love it. And when it is clean I love it even more.And someday (I am NOT in any hurry) when the kids are done with their room, the crazy road carpet will be replaced with wood floors and the walls will be lined with beautiful bookcases. But my dream library can just wait, cause I think our playroom rocks...and so does Branson.#4
Christmas Tree Patrol
I love Christmas but throw in a curious toddler and I love it even more. My kids love the tree and whenever we have a little one at Christmas John and I make wagers about how many ornaments will end up smashed at the bottom of the stairs or in pieces under the tree. So far Branson has only sent one red ball to its doom. He prefers to pull the little top off the balls and smell the insides. Go figure. Christmas ornaments have replaced Hot Wheels cars for the moment. I pick up at least ten a day...sitting under the tree minus their metal hanger and top.Oh he knows he isn't supposed to "mess" with the tree.But those bright, shiny, glass orbs are just so dang tempting.And it isn't just the 2 year old who "plays" with the tree. Sydney seems to enjoy it almost as much.
I have wanted to post about our "Summer Sledding" for quite some time. But the boys tend to do it in the dark and that makes taking photos a bit challenging. Those who know me well, know that I am VERY picky about my lawn. I love it to be freshly mowed and dark green and weed free. But my front and back yards are often turned into a four wheeler race track. I really try not to cringe as they turn sharply on two wheels but I put my foot down and insist that they do NOT continue to turn around on the same patch of grass over and over again.
Several years ago we had a green winter but I had bought the boys each a round, plastic disk sled. They hooked one of them up to the four wheeler with a rope and off they went. Well the disks didn't survive and so Grandpa Cazier fused the two disks together and reinforced the front with wood so the rope wouldn't break through. Now the boys whip each other, and their friends, around our lawn all year long. A bit white trash looking but they love it! So I may not be named mother of the year but I don't care. I love being a mom. It is all I ever wanted to be, and some days (most days) I have to remind myself of that fact. But I also love that my friends and family around me are also moms. I am now supposed to nominate 5 other Moms as a Truly Authentic Mom. How do you do that? How do you leave someone out? My list of women are the first 5 ladies that came to my mind. Whether they blog or not isn't part of the criteria...
Trish- She has never let 6 kids slow her down or wear her out. She loves being home with her kids and always puts being a mom at the top of her list.
Alicia- She worries more than anyone I know that she isn't doing her best at being a mom. This alone makes her good at what she does. Often when I call in the middle of the day she is playing a board game with her kids or taking fun trips to McDonalds.
Danyelle- She is great at teaching her kids the standards and beliefs of the gospel. She has a family theme every year and she is always making sure that she surrounds her kids in appropriate and uplifting activities.
Bren- Her four beautiful children were adopted and Bren is the perfect example that being a mom isn't about giving birth. She is a real person who isn't afraid to ask for help as a mom and she is her kids number one fan and advocate.
Debie and Debbie- So I couldn't leave it at 5. These ladies have such good, fun loving kids. Both of their blogs are full of the funny things their kids say and do. They keep it real and they are great moms.


Deborama said...

Thanks! You are an amazing Mom! Your house is FUN! My kids love it there!

Ben and Alissa said...

I loved this post! I love the details you put into each thing, and great pictures to go with them. Congrats on your award!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

It's so refreshing seeing that all you ever wanted to be was a mom. People always seemed shocked when I tell them that about myself. From the time I was little all I wanted to be was a mom. I had many a chance to go out and do other things and make it big in the world, but no thank you, I just want to be a mom and now a grandma!
Love this post and yes, I do believe you should win the mom of the century award!


Em and Ms said...

Great post! I feel lucky to know so many great moms like you to look up to. Toddlers are very fun at Christmas. Luckily Madelyn puts on the ornaments she takes off, and we have shatterproof balls. I love all the pictures.

LKP said...

lol! i soooo love your toy room too. and your kids with the tree! yeah, same prob w/ daisy when she was younger, and apparently she inherited that from ME! turns out i used to try and EAT the glass orbs. probably one of my aunt's fault since one year she gave all us kids handmade "ice cream cone" ornaments that used the glass ornaments, glue, cones, & sprinkles! too funny, had thought of that in forever.
anyhow, i hope you are able to come to the party cause i was hoping to borrow your husband for one of the scripture readings. let me know. i'd be sad if you guys weren't able to be there! =(

hatch said...

I love your playroom!! It looks like a blast. You are a fun authenic Mom!

Aubrey said...


You are awesome and admired by many here in the Salt Lake valley!

SuzanSayz said...

This was a really fun post to read Amy. The cool thing though, is that you don't even need a post like this to tell what a wonderful mother you are to your children.
The love you have, for your children, and for just plain motherhood in general, is so obvious in almost everything you post about, that anyone would know how much being a mother means to you.

Heidi D said...

Love this post! It's one of my favorites...right next to you and your lawn mowing experience.

Lisa tagged me to do this also. I should do it next week.

dandee said...

Amy, you are an authentic mom if I ever knew one. The dedication you put forth in raising your children is apparent by the fabulous individuals THEY are becoming. The proof is in the pudding.

Thank you for the kind comments, too. I know I don't deserve the praise, but you've made my day.

Mikki said...

You SO TOTALLY deserve this award. And I'd totally nominate you for mother of the year. You are awesome!!!