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Monday, October 20, 2008

Book Reviews and a Winner!

Sydney picked 4starmom as the lucky winner of the Find the Duck books! Keep peeking in for the next book giveaway coming soon!
by Jerry Spinelli
Recommended by Anderson (13 year old boy)Anderson and I were both in agreement on this one. It was a really good book but a bit lacking in the ending. (The ending is what eared this book 4 stars instead of the "outstanding" 5 stars) This is a great historical fiction for those wanting to find out what it was like inside a Jewish camp ran by Nazi's. Milkweed does a good job at sharing details without being gross or too depressing for young teens. There is humor and adventure in what could normally be a very dark topic.
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life
by Wendy Mass

Recommended by Elizabeth (13 year old girl)

The great thing about this book is that there is both a boy and a girl main character. Jeremy shares his spotlight with his best friend Lizzy. A creative book filled with mysteries and small adventures, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life is the ultimate coming of age book. You know I never like to give too much away, and I never read the back of a book before I have finished the whole thing...they always give way too much information. So all I will say is that this is a very good read, with great characters and much more to it than a search for some missing keys.



by Jacqueline Woodson

JJ This book did not grasp me. It had so much potential but it just seemed to skirt on the edges of the story without really getting to the meat of it. For example...it wasn't until the second or third chapter that I realized the main character was a girl! Told in the perspective of a young black girl in 1971 a white boy comes to her all black school and supposedly changes everybody. I just didn't get into it that much. I didn't feel any pull to the characters or the plot.


Jan said...

Mattie has loved reading Jeremy Fink too. She started a book recommendation in her classroom. I know she loves reading yours.

Congrats to Natasha.

4starmom said...

That is just the best news ever! Thank you.

Alicia said...

Yay for Natasha! I love your book reviews, Amy.

Bren's Life said...

Great book reviews..
So Amy how you doing on the cooking? I actually cooked thurs, Sunday (breakfast for dinner) & tonight. Wow- I think I need a break. :)

RommaLamaDingDongs said...

hey chica! thanks for signing up for the carnival. i saw that you wanted to do both the pix AND face painting? that sounds awesome if you're up for it. do you think you'll be able to do both in the one half hour or would you like two time slots so you don't feel rushed? lemme know for sure so i can have the schedule ready to hand out Sunday. Also, not sure if you'll be in RS Sunday, but I hope so. the talk we'll be going over is posted on my blog. =)

debsters said...

Lucky girl Natasha. Congrats!!