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Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Sydney Learns at Activity Days...

Last week at Activity Days Jan Barron sent the girls on a Nature hunt. As the girls came filing out to their moms each of the girls had little snack sized baggies full of leaves, twigs, and rocks. Not Sydney...out she comes with a dead branch that is taller than I am! So for over a week it has sat propped in her bedroom. She won't let me throw it out even after I found Branson trying to eat it. My kids walk home from school. Yesterday Cayden walked in alone.

Me: Cayden where is your sister? You know you are supposed to wait for her.
Cayden: I did mom, but she found some nature stuff on the side of the street and she's taking forever because she is carrying it.

When Sydney walks around the corner she is pulling half a tree through my house! OK maybe it wasn't really half a tree, but almost. It is dead and pine needles and twigs are covering the floor in her wake. Besides that, she has more treasures in her hands that look less dead, but pretty sappy. When I tell her to take them out to the trash can she looks like I just ran over her cat.

I let her keep ONE. The less sappy, not so big, living piece of nature.
Thanks Jan.


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Sydney is about as cute as they come! I could see her bringing in the first branch-That cracked me up (reminded me of myself when I was her age)
But more is better isn't it Sydney! :) LOL!
She is as cute as a bugs ear (as my grandma would put it) reading to her doll~♥

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

That's Priceless!!

When Ellysa was that age, she was ALWAYS bringing home rocks... We'd find her coat laying on the floor, go to pick it up, and just about fall over from the unexpected weight of 20+ rocks in her pockets! Asking her to get rid of them, or *gasp* stop stuffing her pockets with them, resulted in her explaining that she is a collector, and those are her collection.

One year when she was 8 or 9, we went to cut down a Christmas Tree... Ellysa went off on her own, found a smallish tree and cut it down all by herself... Then dragged it to the car all by herself... And insisted on having it in her bedroom, looking very much like Sydney's current room-branch!

Dandee said...

What a tree hugger!

Alicia said...

That is so funny! Jan must have a pretty strong influence on those girls! I loved envisioning Sydney pulling half a dead tree through your house.

Jeff and Heidi said...

She reminds me of my Lindsay. They are the same age too. She does that kind of stuff, but her specialty are rocks.

Jan said...

Oh my gosh Amy. I am dying laughing here. Just because I remember the whole scene vividly. Everyone carrying these cute little finds and bam... Sydnee is busting out with the big branch. They were required not to talk on the nature hike. To get in touch with all that surrounds them. I love her spunk. I love that she is observing the surroundings. It makes me a little weepy. She is a pure delight to have around. You keep "branching" out Sydnee. I adore that last picture too. Thanks for sharing this.

SuzanSayz said...

What a sweetheart. My sisters would never walk to and from school with me because I had to stop and check everything out. I couldn't help it, nature was just SO facinating. I bet Sydney has a keen imagination as well. I sure did. I could sit in the middle of the nearby woods when I was little and I was absolutely sure that I was surrounded by fairys, brownies, and elves.
The picture of her in the chair reading is just darling.

Mikki said...

Pretty funny. Sounds like my Ashley. Her eyes are always on the ground--looking for treasure.

ashley said...

This is hilarious Amy, I can just picture Sydney walking around arms full of "treasures". Love that stick in her room, at least she cares about the environment?

debsters said...

That's funny because kenley brought home a microscopic leaf and a pinecone.

You family camping has made Sydney a nature lover.