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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Family of Winners...

OK so practically everyone who won my little contest is my cousin. And the only person who isn't related to me I would adopt in a heartbeat!

#1 I am reading The Alchemyst although I have not been able to sit down with it all week!

#2 Branson likes to pull books down off the shelf, eat them and rip them to shreds. If the book doesn't make noise then he doesn't want me to read it to him. So yes, 100% of you got it right, his favorite this week is The Forgetful Elephant.

#3 Anderson, who likes all things weird and a bit creepy, is ready the Storm Thief.

#4 John read a good book by Bill O'Riley over the Christmas vacation and wanted to continue reading even after work started up again. His pick at Barnes and Noble was Glenn Beck the Real America, and I think he is almost done with it.

#5 Sydney drives me bonkers, as she always has 2-3 books going at a time. Besides The Prince and The Pauper she is also reading an American Girl Book and some book about a cat.

#6 Cayden LOVES the Fablehaven series. He has always been a good reader but needs tons of encouragement to stick with a book. He has not needed any encouragement as he has whipped through the second book in between all his hours of basketball.

So will the following people please stand up and take a bow, then sit back down and email me your address...

Polka Dots aka Kristen (my non-cousin that I would love to claim as my own)


Ashley H

Ashley C



Kristen said...

Ahhh nuts! I got Cayden and Anderson turned around!!

Fun contest Amy!

SuzanSayz said...

Congratulations all you winners! This was a really cute idea for a contest btw Amy. You have really come up with some good ones.

Happy Reading To All!!!!

Kris said...

Yeah, this was fun. I think I only got Branson's book right! UGH!

Deborama said...

How fun! I need to read, but this digital scrapbooking is tooooo fun! I just finshed last Christmas! Yeah! I love your pages. I can't believe I never took over my cabin book for you to see. We need to get together, is is warm yet? I seem to go out more when its warm! :)

Noelle said...

woop woop! i'm excited! inever win anything. this was awesome and like i said in an earlier comment, it must be becuase i spend way too much time at barnes and nobles and at the library. i am just a reading maniac too. cool contest. especially since i was a winner!

debsters said...

Congrats to your winners. I missed entering, but I'm pretty sure I would have got Branson's read correct :)

polka dots said...

oh my gosh I actually won something. I never win anything in blog land.

Thanks Amy. You are sweet.