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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scouts Shmouts

When Anderson turned 8 he became a Wolf in Cub Scouts.

(Anderson Baby Proofing our kitchen cupboards last week for his Family Life Merit Badge)

My thoughts on that day, "Oh goody. One more thing to make sure Anderson completes on time. One more thing to run him back and forth in the car. Why does the church support this organization?"

I was clueless in the world of Cub Scouting. Sure, my Dad had been a Scout Master, my brothers are Eagle Scouts but that didn't mean I paid any attention to how the program worked. I dropped Anderson off at his first Pack meeting and went home with no idea that this was supposed to be a family event. So you get the idea...I was uninformed and a bit less than enthusiastic. I did not "get" Cub Scouting. I did not see it as important, but rather as one more thing to add to my To Do list.

A few short months later I was released as Primary Chorister and called as the new Den Leader for Wolfs and Bears. I cried. I prayed. I cried some more.

5 1/2 years later and I get Cub Scouting. I am beginning to get Scouting. These programs are not only a fun and creative outlet for our young boys but they instill a strong foundation of values and responsibility that they will use their whole lives.
(Oh, the concentration)

I love Cub Scouting. I love that I get to be in charge of Day Camp. I love that my boys are working toward their Eagle.

(Branson helped out with no clue that in a few short minutes he would no longer have access to all things poison)

So despite the fact that I still can't stand doing silly applauses...I understand why President Thomas S. Monson is such an advocate for the Boy Scouts of America, and I can't wait until Branson gets to be in Cub Scouts.


Em and Ms said...

I have to admit I've felt the same way about scouting. I laughed when I got a calling in cub scouts--it was the last thing I expected. I still don't get a lot of it, and all the costs bug me, but I can see through people like you that it has its benefits and hopefully I can have such a good attitude when I have boys in scouts.

Alicia said...

Well, you have given me hope that when my time comes (in two and a half short years) I will "get" it because right now I am so where you used to be--I don't get it, and I am dreading it.

That picture of Branson is so precious and I loved your caption for it!

Michelle said...

I was pretty anti-scouting until Dylan started. In Montana we only had a town troop, not a church-sponsored one, but it was great. Even better was that the town troop was all run by dads-- so unlike the church ones. I'm a fan now, except for the fact that as soon as Dylan became a bear, we had to buy him a pocket knife. :)

Bren's Life said...

Hey there my friend. I've missed you...
I am scared they are going to call me into cub scouts again. I did it before Josh was even 2 yrs old. And I hated the cheers & stuff. But our ward now is great. We mostly have men in the callings & the boys LOVE it! They get so excited to do guy stuff!!!

Dandee said...

I love that scouting teaches boys things they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to learn.

If Anderson didn't need that merit badge, I bet you would have been the one child-proofing.

Noelle said...

you and my sister rebecca need to pass around cub scout stories. she is going to a two day day camp class this weekend.
i have had to learn about scouts too. but abe's stories make me get excited for brigham to be in venture scouts. lets go climb a volcano! fun times.

debsters said...

I too took a while to get it. I do love what scouting does for the boys. I have a firm belief that it is an inspired program the church supports.
You give your all in the scouting program, the Stake is lucky to have you.

SuzanSayz said...

I never really got into scouting. I helped out at a few of the day camps, and for about 8 months I was an assistant den leader. I basically had the duty of showing up at the den mother's house, on Thursdays I believe it was, and help out with whatever it was they were doing that week. I was also still young enough to find all of the silly stuff done at the meetings just a little bit embarrassing.

Nicki said...

I know what you mean. No wonder I was a horrible parent you had to deal with when Jory was in cub scouts. I just didn't get it. I've always wanted to apologize for that but never knew how. I was a pain and just didn't realize it. I get it now. Thanks to you and many others, my boys love scouting and so do I.

Nicki said...

I forgot the apology. I'm really sorry I wasn't a more supportive parent and always will appreciate all you do for our scouts. You're the best!

Ben and Alissa said...

I don't get it either. Just tonight my mother-in-law said something about "wait until you're a den mother." I am dreading it. My mom never had a calling in scouting, so I have my fingers crossed. I'm sure it would be good for me though.

hatch said...

I am kind of where you used to be. I am not sure I really get it yet. In Oct. I will have to get it. That is when Dylan will be a scout. I just hope that you are still in charge of scout day camp summer of 2010. I have heard that you do an awesome job.

Ms. Kristen said...

I told my Bishop that I want to be in Cub Scouts as soon as he feels inspired to fire me~

We love Cub Scouts!

And you run the best Day Camps Pasco Stake has ever seen!

Lisa said...

Well, because I have 3 little girls I don't {and won't} ever participate in scouting. But I do agree that it is a WONDERFUL program.

Robin Beck said...

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