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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Works for Me!

After nearly 14 years of trying charts, lists, and all kinds of bribery I think we have finally found a cleaning system that works for the Cazier family. We have used the new "chart" for several months now and the "newness" has not worn off. I have to give full credit to John since he was the mastermind behind the idea.

Each Monday a new piece of paper is taped up in the kitchen with the words "KEEPIN' IT CLEAN" at the top. Below these hopeful words are the following:

Anderson $10.00 Cayden $10.00 Sydney $10.00

Each of the kids has the opportunity to earn $10.00 each and every week of the month. "Holy Cow," you say? Yes, that is a lot of money. But we have yet to pay out $30 in one week...far from it. Every time mom or dad has to "pick up" after one of the kids they lose a dollar. For example, if I go into the New Room and gather up Anderson's socks, baseball hat and an X-Box Controller--Cha Ching...he just lost $3.00 and is down to $7.00 just like that.

The only rules are:
1. The item has to be picked up and put away by mom or dad to be deducted off the list. We can't say, "Sydney pick up your coat" and then charge her $1.00.
2. Books do not count. If you leave your book on the couch to read later that is perfectly fine, but Sydney isn't allowed to leave an entire stack of Little Critters on the floor...Novels only.
3. If your bed isn't made and your room needs tidying mom will charge a $1.00 cleaning fee.
4. Arguing will only cause mom or dad to deduct another dollar.
5. No adding money onto your list if you find something of mom's or dad's lying around.

I love this system. Not only do my kids have the chance to make some money but on the way to church every Sunday we figure out how much tithing they need to pay for the week.

The house stays clean.

The kids make money.

The kids pay tithing every week.

There is no whining! I just deduct a dollar and jot down the item that cost them their precious money. I don't care if they don't pick it up, I put it away and it saves me $1.00...a dollar that they want!

All it takes is a quick reminder in the morning, "Do you want to pay mom $1.00 to clean your room today?" or "Better take a quick peek around the house to see if Mom's gonna make some cash today." Just watch them scramble.



Nicole said...

I am kind of loving this Amy! It would have worked for me as a kid - heck, it might even work for me now;)

Kris said...

This is so awesome Amy. I love the rules, especially where they can't charge you for picking up the parents stuff. I might have to incorporate this into my own home. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

Ben and Alissa said...

I love it! I'm glad you found something that is working and I love your attitude about the whole thing. You don't mind picking up anything to save a buck. I'd be scrambling around the house myself to pick up after them and then say "See ya later, dollar" to them.

Rachel said...

Love this Amy, I think I will try it at our home, but I might start the amount lower...4 kids adds up fast and they are young enough that they won't care. Ok so what about if you pick up more than 10 things throughout the week? Do they owe you? Do you deduct it from the next week? I can see that easily happening at our house.

Amy J. said...

That did happen the first two weeks Rachel. If I had charged Sydney for everything that I picked up she would be out of her money in the first 1/2 hour. But I gave her a ton of warnings in the beginning and I made sure she at least got $1.00 at the end of the week. When she saw her brothers take in $6.00 she started to care. And I decided that I would gladly spen $30 a week to have a spotless house!

Noelle said...

this is perfect. as soon as we move i will be posting this on my kitchen cabinet. i will start to tell the kids it's going to happen so they can get all ready to clean up after themselves. awesome.

Anonymous said...

Lovely -- I absolutely love it! I think we will start tomorrow.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

It's sounds like a good thing. I laughed at number 4.No adding money onto your list if you find something of mom's or dad's lying around.

Ha! I would have brought that angle up as a kid.

melissa mae said...

That's the best idea! And I LOVE that Sydney loves Little Critter! Those are my favorite childhood books by far. My favorite one is "The New Baby"

Aubrey said...

That is such a S.M.A.R.T. idea Amy! You have done it again!

Kristen said...

I love it too!! that's a great system!!

I particularly love rule #4:
arguing costs a $1.


debsters said...

Picking up left out toys and such is ALL I do, I'm sure you know the feeling.
Fantastic that they scramble to do their work, I love that!!

lindsay>boo said...

I really like your idea! It sounds like something we might have to implement over here. Thanks for sharing.

Shayla said...

Awesome idea! Especially the no arguing part, that would be a problem at our house. Just might have to try it.

SuzanSayz said...

Wow! What a great system. Is John's middle name Solomon?
The only problem with a system like that is when they start earning money at a job.
Of course then I guess you would let them go into a deficit. Having to pay mom and dad 10 dollars a week or more, for their services, should make even the most wealthy, money earning, kid think twice.

Alicia said...

I thought the same thing as Rachael, my kids would be out in an hour. And they would argue their way down to nothing. But it's worth a try. Bill actually mentioned it to me after he saw your paper on your fridge and said he thought we should try it. Anything has to work better than what we're doing now.
Question: Do you have anything that helps the adults in the house keep their stuff picked up?

Mikki said...

THis is fantastic!! I may have to try it out. THanks for the great idea!

Jodi said...

I love this!