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Monday, November 9, 2009

CAST that Splint Aside!

On Thursday Branson turned 2 years old!On Thursday Branson got a handsome blue cast to replace the nasty ole' splint.

I would love to say that on Thursday Branson was happy and sweet and the perfect Birthday Boy...but he wasn't.
On Thursday Night he did love opening presents...presents that were all "floor friendly."

He got some Elmo DVD's, new books, a cars and trucks sound puzzle,
and his favorite...
the Fisher Price Race and Crash Speedway.
I had seen this in the store before and had decided that it was a toy I would never purchase. (When will I learn never to use that word?) It didn't require enough imagination or creativity on the child's part. But after a week of not being able to run and jump and ride around on his tractor, and thinking about the l...o...n...g four weeks ahead...this toy was exactly what Branson (and Mom) needed!

Need I say more?


Shayla said...

Seriously adorable pictures, Amy! I hope you had a good birthday, yourself.

Heidi D said...

I love that you point out the never say never scenario that is ever present in motherhood. :)

He looks like one happy birthday boy.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Wow, I think I want a new bump 'n' race race track!!

Em and Ms said...

The last picture says it all. Happy Birthday Branson! I love the blue cast.

LKP said...

what a great toy, amy! you've got a fantastic figure-8 derby racer in the making here! woo hoo! (aka, that means you're raising a future seth here, lol.) glad to hear the cast is in place...and will actually remain in place for you for a while. his smile in the last pic is priceless. love it. love ya.

Ben and Alissa said...

Great pictures! Love the last one a ton!

SuzanSayz said...

The Blue Cast?
Very stylish.
The Birthday Boy?
Somewhat blue.
The Floor Presents?
Great solution
The Fisher Price Race Track?

Have fun with that never, never, birthday toy, Sweet Little Branson Birthday Boy!

Aubrey said...

That last picture of Branson is so adorable! Poor little guy :( That is rough....for the Mom too!

me caitlyn

LKP said...

i know what you mean on a rating system for books! i love that daisy devours all bound books in sight, until i realized how dark some of them have been. i don't usually pay a lot of attention to dreams that i have. they don't usually make sense. the other night however i had one where VERY bad guys were getting into my house trying to harm/kill my family. just when i'd have dealt with one, another would show up & i could not figure out for the life of me as to how they were finding their way inside for i'd secured EVERY possible way i'd thought. the very next day i happened to pick up the latest of daisy's finds from MAC's library. the cover alone sent shivers throughout me. i read the summary on the back & not only is the book set in transylvania (let's face it, not a great setting), and the main character is a possessed she-wolf that uses dark arts...it goes on & on from there. daisy & i had quite the discussion at that point, and i was surprised to know she'd already read the 2 books in the series...and in her opinion it was as dark as some books we had BOUGHT for her. that was the shocker of all shockers. how could i let that in my home?! we at that point discussed how you really cannot judge a book by its cover in most instances...but you can definitely judge it by the Spirit. just because the cover looks cool or everyone else seems to be reading it or recommending it doesn't make it uplifting or good literature. so, i've had her round up all the "dark" books and they are going to the book worm this week. funny thing? my daughter's countenance has brightened already. she seems more tenderhearted again...less wall.
i ask myself, why did it take so long for me to figure this book thing out?

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh these pics are so adorable! His little cast looks even smaller in the pictures! But my favorite is the one where he's crying!