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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY...of Christmas 2009

We spent an evening decorating a gingerbread house together.

And it turned out really cute.

About 1/2 an hour after we finished, the kids noticed that our beautiful house had a roofing problem.

This is the house that the Cazier's built.
This is the house that collapsed under the strain of the Holidays less than an hour after the Cazier's built it.

All the kids loved their gifts.
Anderson and his skateboard.
Cayden and all his basketball gear.Sydney and her roller skates.
Believe me...she really was excited.
And Branson loves his SUPER BRANSON cape from Aunt Danyelle.
Branson abused those super powers and decorated both living room couch cushions, the chair cushion and the ottoman with permanent Sharpie marker.

The couch cushions I simply flipped over but the footstool wasn't so lucky. Tried Magic Erasure, tried my favorite carpet cleaner, tried hairspray and salt...you can't flip a foot stool.

We got some snow over the holidays!
You can't fit a boot over a cast.THE UGLY
So I put one of John's wool hunting socks over the cast and sent Branson outside.

"Uh Mom...are you kidding me?"

Apparently, to a two year old, getting snow on your sock is not cool. He came inside saying "More more boot. More more boot" and would have nothing to do with Dad's old, ugly sock.

Anderson loves to shoot guns and he is a very good shot.
He doesn't get to go to the shooting range very often. And is always asking for his dad to take him.
After a trip to the range over the break I expected Anderson to show me another big Bulls Eye poster with all his dead eye shots marked on the paper. Nope!
Instead he chose to shoot at a Osama Bin Laden poster!!!
Which he immediately hung up on his door so I see it every single time I walk down the hall.
Now Branson already ripped half the poster off but here is a close up of Anderson's target practice. The head, the heart...and of course for all you mothers with boys...there were quite a few shots a touch lower as well.

So that's a rundown of our holidays...and not to worry, we really aren't as dysfunctional as we seem.


Brenda said...

As always - cute post Amy! Next year I suggest hot glue for the gingerbread house - unless you like to eat it... Works great!

hatch said...

Amy You crack me up! The good the bad and the ugly, its all great when you say it like this!

Heidi D said...

The Good: I loved this post! We had the same problem with our gingerbread house too. I'll have to go back to making my own stuff, or my own frosting. That cape is so cool. My mom made Lorelai one similar to that for her birthday.

The Bad: I hate to tell you this, but the evil dictator your son was shooting at is Osama Bin Laden. He does have wonderful aim though. : )

The Ugly: The things you think magic eraser can get out, but it just makes it worse. Oxyclean has the same effect. I have a white spot on my carpet from that stuff.

Bren's Life said...

What awesome pictures.. You are my inspiration for wanting to take better pictures!
Charly got a skate board for Christmas too & it was stolen already. I am so bummed. It was a special board too!!!

MichelleB said...

The poster gave me a good laugh. I can just imagine passing by that all the time. He is a great shot!

Amy J. said...

Oh my goodness I am such a dope! I really need to get my dictators straight! I will go edit that right now.

LKP said...

now your holidays are my idea of a good time! lol. can't say i'm a huge fan of sharpie on furniture either, but eh, can't take it with us right?
superbranson cape is like super wow! that dandee, whatta phenom she is.
we don't actually DO gingerbread house cause our ugly would be UNPUBLISHABLE.
glad the kids enjoyed their fun gifts. so important that they have stuff they DO things with rather than melt their brain cells with.
ooh, speaking of gifts, guess what WAS in my stocking?! yep PS elements 8!!! so that means i need amy-time, hooray!

SuzanSayz said...

I was relaxing and loving this "catch up with the Caziers" post and feeling sympathy for little Branson wearing that big old wet sock and thinking how good looking all of your kids are and
then. . .

I see Anderson's poster for shooting practice and totally lose it. I think I've got the laughter under control now. At least enough to leave a comment.

Thanks for the good laugh Anderson!

Mikki said...

Oh my word Amy J.!! You're kids are getting so big!
Hey, at least when the gingerbread house falls apart that fast, it probably tastes better than when it's had the chance to get all dried out and hard.
Love Branson's cape. That's too cute!

dandee said...

I'm not even sure what to comment on!

So sad about your furniture.

So happy Branson loves his cape.

So sad you have to pass by your boys room and see that poster multiple times a day.

So happy you made tons of great memories with your sweet family over the break.

terramisu said...

Oxyclean!!! Hot, hot, hot water and Oxyclean!-(might have to do 2-3 applications) Works like a dream!!! I have some if you need it!

ashley said...

What a fun Christmas! And what a cute post! Loved the Good, Bad, and the Ugly. Try some 409 on your stain and scrub a little; we had an impossible stain awhile ago and it came out like a charm with it!

Alicia said...

More more boot. So cute. I love it!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

I knew from the moment I saw the name of the post that it would be another brilliant picture & commentary post, and it did not disappoint!! Thanks for giving me a great laugh!