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Friday, June 20, 2008

Day Camp Is Done!

Day camp is done!

It was a full three days so I have done nothing today

but lay around and rotate a bit of laundry.

This is what the boys did with the 2,900 pins that were put together.


I took 100's of pictures of all the campers but here are a few of my favorite shots...CameronDallin


MasonEastonEthan & MarilynJosh The Ashton Boys
Anderson came to camp and helped me all three days. He's a great kid to have around.

Call me a city girl...I did not know that you had to fold a sheep in half to sheer it!

Another year done and I am so thankful for my partner in crime, Shirley Lott.
Speaking of crime I can't wait for next year!
CSI: Cub Scout Investigation.

(As a side note: the above picture will be going on my fridge along with a quotation below it. The quotation will be as follows, "We were all wondering if you are expecting again! Oh you're not, well your tummy is still so round...we were all really hoping."
To answer your question the quote was said at day camp by a dear sister in my ward. No hard feelings, the truth hurts)


MichelleB said...

I have to say thanks for letting me come and be part of day camp for a day. You guys rock!! The kids are awesome and I can't wait for my Brennan to be there. You did a great job. Oh and the picture with the quote made my day. I think that has to happen to all of us at least once. No matter if we say it or receive it. Glad it could make you smile too. :)

Shayla said...

Wow, Amy, just looking at that schedule makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and hide. You are one amazing lady! And look, you're already excited for next year. Glad everything went well, loved seeing all the pictures. Sorry about the preggo comment, that hurts. At least Branson is still fairly young...when your youngest is 4 and you still haven't done anything about the extra weight is when questions like that start getting old.

meohmyers said...

Day Camp this year was just amazing. I'm so relieved there are ladies like you to tackle such a HUGE calling like this one! I appreciate all the hours and hours of work you put into making this so successful. Even my mom was so impressed and noticed how much work was put into it all and she was only there for the family picnic! Great job, Amy! Thanks so much! Can't wait till next year! Not too soon, of course.

And I can't believe the comment made to you by a member from your ward?! What was she thinking? Glad you're able to handle it with a smile.

SuzanSayz said...

Congratulations on a job well done Amy. You are a really good sport about the round tummy comment. Once at the old Walmart one of the checkers (who was much larger than me I must add) asked me when my baby was due. I paused, then looked her straight in the eye and said in what I'm sure was a cold dismissive voice "Im NOT pregnant." She at least had the decency to look embarrassed. And ya know what? Sometimes I think the world could use a few more round tummies, we are so humble.

Jan said...

Okay Amy, this was some of the best pictures. I can't believe the work you put in to make this all happen. I have heard good things.

I hope that you have had a lot of down time. You so deserve it.

Good job and all that warm fuzzy stuff..

Aubrey said...

Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of work! Take some you time, soak your feet, enjoy your family, and eat some raw cookie dough!

debsters said...

When I woke up this morning I honestly wondered what you had planned for the day.

AMY, as always you outdid yourself. You did an exceptional job. Every small detail was taken into consideration, and all your hard work paid off.

Every single boys had a blast. The classes were all perfect. I really, really enjoyed teaching the knife safety class. The fact that I only saw two drops of blood was a bonus.

FANTASTIC JOB!! You are awesome.

Lisa said...

Looks like all your hard work paid off. Everything looked amazing! Great job!

And don't feel bad about the tummy comment....my stomach doesn't want to go away either....and Elisabeth was born in September! Oh well, that's the price we pay for being mothers :)

rip said...

When Tom got off the phone the other night, he came down stairs and said, "You have an awesome visiting teaching partner."

I have to agree. You are definitely passionate about what you do and it shows!

I bet I look "farther along" than you;)

Movie Queen said...

So funny that that same tactful lady asked me if I was pregnant when Payson was at least six months old. We should start a "round tummy" club. I nominate myself the president!

I am so relieved Day Camp is over. I thought the same thing as Debie this morning, "What is Amy going to do today?" Now you can get your life back and start talking to me again. I had fun chatting tonight and catching up.

Ms. Kristen said...

NO....I am the Pres. of the round tummy club! I am older and bigger! No one can stop me!
Amy....you did an awesome job! So well organized! I was only there for the first day....but I wanted to be there for the last two! I know...call me crazy....I love any form of camp! It was fun and very interesting projects! I even learned a few things! Loved the falcons! I wish I was there to see the sheep being sheared! Fun!
The Lord will bless you for your service!

Jodi said...

Phew! It's over! Now you can sit back and relax and enjoy the compliments that are "raining" on you (corny, I know). You're so awesome - and I'm sooooo upset Davis and Kyle weren't able to go (they were very upset too). Looks like a great time! You are amazing Amy - GREAT JOB!

Noelle said...

i can't believe it's done. is it like when you get released from a sunday calling and you just show up going 'uh....what do i do know?'

i had a work out shirt that read 'pregnant, not fat' and i really wish i would have paid money to have one made that reads 'fat, not pregnant'. :)
enjoy the rest of the summer....a little less busy hopefully.

Brenda said...

Congrats! You survived with a smile on your face. It sounds like everyone had a great time.

Deborama said...

Amy your fabulous! I emailed you thurs. night but it came back? That was the best time ever! I used to complain as a scout Mom at just having to spend a day out there but NOW I will watch with amazement at all the dedicated people who work so hard! Every boy and parent I have talked to have been raving about how great it was! Thanks for all the hard work! And I think your a sexy hot mama!

chenry said...

Such cute pictures, Amy. You captured some of the best moments. The sheep shearing was actually funny, the way the sheep just sat there on its honches and let them shave away. It looked like a far-side comic! You and Shirley are a dynamite duo!

AOlson said...

Okay Amy, I just have to say that Jacob and I LOVED day Camp! It was so awesome!! I so wanted to carve my own soap and get in line for the archery. Everything was so amazing!! Thank you for making my sons' first experience with cub scouts a very memorable one. On a little side note, I have to tell you that everytime you picked up the mic, I really expected you to say, "W-C (clap) C!" I hope you are laughing. This is the first memory I have of you is at cheer camp when I was like 16!! Just had to share that!! Thanks again!!