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Monday, June 2, 2008

UP to my armpits in DOWN Under

Only two full weeks to get ready for Cub Scout Day Camp...I am just shy of sheer panic. As soon as I complete one task I immediately remember something else I forgot to add to my long list of to-do's. Believe me I have been very good at delegating but there is just so much to be done that can't be done until the very last minute! Throw in a 7 month old baby, the last two weeks of school, choir concert, projects, piano, mutual, Elementary School End of the year Video, baseball playoffs, recorder concert, Cub Scout meetings, Wax Museum...you get the idea. Oh, and I have Bunco at my house on Tuesday night, what was I thinking!?
If anyone has unwanted, well used crayons I will take them! The boys will be melting them onto rocks at camp. If anyone would like to clean out their hubby's closet I will take any neck ties that you can offer! The Cubs will be making snakes out of them...way cool but we are short on ties. Anything Australia! Flags, kangaroo pelts, boomerangs you name it I will take it, and take good care of it too. (Thank you Jan for the boomerang shown above.) Also Cayden has a "Wax Museum" for school and he needs a Bull Whip. Does anyone know somebody that could loan us one just for this week?
I think what I am most bummed about being so very busy is the lack of time I will have in the next few weeks to blog!


Jan said...

I just called my dad to see if he still has his bull whip. He wasn't home. I will leave a little bag of some things today when I am out and a bout. I think I have some old ties of Ed's. I still haven't heard from that guy that went on mission there. I am not going to stalk him either. Not normal of me I know, but I have my limits ;) I will also check with dad and see if he can loan anything. Is Cayden needing anything else for this wax museum?

Take Care..

Rachel said...

Amy, maybe now is not the time to ask you about getting together to plan our vacation...just kidding, that can wait until after the "thunder down under" is over. I will look for ties, I think there are some that I would love to donate, I don't know if Chad feels the same way. Do you need help with Bunco tomorrow, I can help, or can I take that cute little 7 month boy for a few hours. I need my baby fix, so I don't go and start thinking crazy thoughts that I might need another one. Let me know.

meohmyers said...

I've got the crayons. I wanted to replace them all for next year anyway. They're the big fat ones, not the small crayola ones. Does that matter? I'll bring them on Tuesday if you want them.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! for the AWESOME preschool books you dropped off. I LOVE THEM!!!! They are perfect. Great choices! I can't wait to add them to my library. You're the BEST!!!!!

debsters said...

You are constantly go, go, go.

I'm sure it didn't help that I misread an e-mail yesterday and caused a little confusion regarding training. Yep, all my fault.

Day camp will be fantastic as always, I've got a zillion broken crayons and a few ties. I'll sort them out for you.

Good day mate! Sorry, couldn't resist!

Em & M's said...

I wish I could help, but sounds like you're getting some great help already! I was glad they didn't require den leaders to do anything for Day Camp except show up down here. I saw the stress our Day Camp planner was under, but like you she didn't delegate, even when I offered to help! They have Day Camp in May down here since it's too hot in the summer. Good luck! I'm sure it will be wonderful, and you'll feel very relieved when it's all over with :)

Cindy said...

I came across your blog just the other day, and thought I might be able to lend a hand. If Jan isn't able to get her dad's bull whip, my husband has one and you are welcome to it. Give me a call if you are interested.

-Cindy Powell

Movie Queen said...

Hey, can you watch my kids this week? I have a bunch of errands I need to run. And next week, too.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness...that's quite the list! Good luck!

Jodi said...

I am so bummed that my boys are going to miss "your" day camp. Especially for Kyle since this would have been his first year and you do such an awesome job. Those snake ties sound cool! You'll have to show me how to make those so I can do them with my boys. Just add that to your list. ;) You're so organized - everything's going to be GREAT!

Ms. Kristen said...

I also have crayons! I will bring them on Friday....since I still have school this week!

Thanks for all your hard work for our cub scouts!

Amy J. said...

Thank you everyone! I got a bull whip from Cindy, and I appreciate everyones help. I never really expected this many reply's to my plea for everyones junk! I love it!

cazmom said...

You're insane to have a life like that!!! I hope your kids hug and kiss you and thank you over and over for everything you do for them. Good thing you have a great sense of humor to get through it all!