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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


TODAY Sydney asked me, "If the earth all of the sudden started revolving in the opposite direction would it be Monday again?"

TODAY Branson drank about 1/2 the water in my mom's pool. That kid has turned into a fish. He can use swimmies but hates them so I stand guard over him on the steps. If I glance away for even a second he flings himself into the water. Scary, I know. He always comes up coughing and smiling and ready for more.

TODAY I got attacked by a swarm of wasps and one of those stinkin' bugs stung me twice right in the middle of my forehead! Man those things hurt...but he hurts more since I stomped on him real good with my shoe.

TODAY I sat and watched Branson run back and forth in my bathroom. He was laughing and swinging his arms around as he tried to catch all the dust particles that he could see in the sun shining through the window. He must have run through those specks like you would a sprinkler for at least 10 minutes.

TODAY Sydney and I picked Strawberries while Grandpa Cazier pushed Branson in the swing. Later Sydney cleaned the berries and took their tops off in the kitchen sink. Branson ate them faster than she could put them in the bowl.

TODAY I found out that the printer I ordered a month ago is going to take even longer to arrive...dang it.

TODAY is actually tomorrow but I can't sleep.


Kristen said...

You do such a good job writing the stories that make your family's personalities pop off the screen!

Em and Ms said...

I love this little peek into your day! Sorry you got stung, printer delayed, and can't sleep. Other than that it sounds like a pretty great life!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...


I love this post.. and I hate wasps SO much. One summer about 10 years ago, I was brutally attacked on multiple occasions by swarms of wasps. I made it my mission to kill as many wasps as I could from then on.

And as for the envirowhackos who say things like "There were here long before you were..." I'm gonna call a hitman/bounty hunter on them.

I hear there's one in the family. :)

lindsay>boo said...

Mmmm...I love strawberries too! Sorry you weren't able to sleep. That's a bummer. And getting stung...ouch!

SuzanSayz said...

Aren't children marvelous?!?
Life must be so incredible to them. I love how they can always find a way to enjoy even the most mundane aspects of life.

Loves to sweet happy little Branson!

Lisa said...

A swarm of wasps! my nightmare....seriously. Hope you are doing OK.

Aubrey said...

OUCH! WASPS! OUCH! It was fun to read about your day, I love that Branson was chasing specks!

Mikki said...

Fantastic post!! I love it.
Ouch!!!! Poor you, twice by a wasp? I'm glad you got the last laugh on that little guy!
Ok, going to check out your book blog right now.....