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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today I Learned that...

~smoke detectors start beeping even before you can see the smoke billowing out of your daughters bedroom.

~when toddlers are in a deep sleep they don't like being ripped out of their crib even if the house is on fire.

~the County Fire Department can get to our home in less than 4 minutes.

~even though the house may be on fire it is still fun to see the look on your toddlers face when the fire engine pulls up with sirens blaring.

~pretty potted flowers on your front porch get in the way of the fire hoses.

~Grandpa Cazier is a stubborn old man who gives the sheriffs department a hard time about leaving the house.

~it is not a good day when you are told, "we will only destroy walls and rip through the ceiling as a last resort to find the source."

~your street suddenly becomes the most popular road in the city when there are emergency vehicles parked in front of it.

~my kids know me too well when Cayden said, "Dang it mom. All this cool stuff is happening and your camera is still in the house. Now you can't blog about it."

~when fire fighters come they search the house from top to bottom and the thought races through your mind that you are so very glad your house is clean.

~the bishop really is "always there" when you need him.

~once the fire crew is there and you are pretty much sure that your house isn't going to burn to the ground it's kind of thrilling to sit back and watch them work.

~brand new air conditioning motors can reach over 200 degrees, even though they aren't supposed to.

~when air conditioning motors reach 200+ degrees they send billowing smoke throughout your entire house by way of the air vents.

~burned up air conditioning motors make your whole house smell like an over cooked hot glue gun.

~the excitement lasts the entire evening when your kids keep singing, "Burn baby Burn" and "Is this burning, an eternal flame" and "The roof, The roof, The roof is on fire!"

~Fire Fighters and Police Officers rock and I am ready for a vacation.


Paula said...

note to self: don't buy the same air conditioner that Amy just did.

yes, the emergency people around here are so great. We have had quite a few visits to our home for anything from toddlers calling 911, to, well...I won't say more. They are always great to us.

lindsay>boo said...

That's crazy, Amy! I'm glad that you are all okay. What damage do you have?

debsters said...

We live just steps from you and we were clueless. What a scary thing to happen.

It is amazing what firefighters do. I am also in awe of paramedics, police, etc. I have had to rely on them a few times.

Shayla said...

Oh My! You've had quite the day. I am so relieved to read that it wasn't your house burning down or walls torn out or anything like that.

Svenja said...

Oh, wow, Amy what a day. I admit after reading the first sentences I went to the end to make sure the story had a good end, then I started again…I chuckled several times by reading your description. You make it sound like it was big a fun for the kids and I’m sure it was, now that no walls had to be destroyed…
I love the new photos of the kids.

melissa mae said...

GEEZ! I'm glad you guys are all safe and sound. I LOVE Cayden's remark about blogging!

Em and Ms said...

oh wow. I'm so glad everyone was okay! I'm sure it was scary too, but I'm glad you learned so much and passed on your wisdom.

Aubrey said...

Oh my! Amy how scary! Glad to hear all the family is safe. How much damage was done to your house?

Kristen said...

Oh my! What a frightening experience. I hope the damage is small and easily repairable.

I laughed at Cayden's remark about your camera and blogging.

♥miss~mattie♥ said...

My brother came to your house when the smoking started. He came home and told us about it.
Tootles ♥

Alicia said...

Paula's comment was funny. Nothing exciting ever happens at our house. Probably because Macy prays EVERY SINGLE night that there won't be any fires, not just at our house, but anywhere. Apparently that excludes the Cazier residence.

Nicki said...

I'm glad your house is still standing! How did you get rid of the smell?

rip said...

Let's see... If the emergency personnel took 4 minutes to get to your house, I'll tack on an extra minute to get to mine. :) Good to know!

We had a few people stop by to let the bishop know that there were emergency vehicles in front of your house after he got home. I am glad you are all safe!

LKP said...

as i'm reading through the bullet points my mind is racing remembering when my house caught on fire years ago, thinking "what do i have that amy needs at this moment?!" that thought instantly was followed up by, "what do i have that amy would actually WANT even if she needed it?!" lol, i love that your thoughts were turned to gratitude for a clean house! you make me smile all the time!!! good to know you & your family are safe, sad to hear of your a/c giving up the ghost (especially with the weekend we supposedly have ahead of us). hope your weekend is brighter, and that you'll let me know if there's anything our family can do to brighten it! =)

SuzanSayz said...

Oh Amy! You just seem to manage to always have the most fun.
Thank goodness it didn't happen at night, I can see how that would have been a lot worse.
I love people who can keep their cool enough to be grateful for a clean house.
I know that it would have been one of my first thoughts too.

Mikki said...

Ay! I'm so relieved everything is ok. Not a great way to have the day go. Glad to see you keep your sense of humor!

Jodi said...

Are you SERIOUS? Oh my word! What damage do you have? I can't believe I'm just now reading this. How scary (and exciting for your kids)! Thank goodness everyone's okay and hopefully you've gotten rid of the smoke smell.