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Friday, February 19, 2010

Can you say PHOTOGENIC?

On Monday I had the honor of doing a session with some of the most gorgeous, fun-loving kids ever...take a look at the Bunger Family:


MichelleB said...

Amy, Thanks so much!!! I loved them! Now to sit down and figure out which ones to order?

Lisa said...

Beautiful children, beautiful photos!

Kristen said...

Oh Amy, breathtaking photos!!

My absolute favorites are:

1 (the neutral gray background makes the girl stand out and the little touch of pink is a fun punch of color)

5 (this one is just perfect! Perfect angle, perfect pose, perfect smile, perfect composition)

6 (I think a side view angle of this one would be perfect. It's a fun pose.)

8 (the brightest part of this photo is right at and around this girl's face which is perfect because the eye is immediately drawn to the lightest parts. And the Depth of Field is beautiful!)

11 (the fence line draws the eye right into this handsome little man)

14 (capturing laughter is my favorite kind of art!)

LKP said...

gorgeous shoot, ames! you are so talented. have you bottled that yet? can i buy some "amy talent" anytime soon? =) love ya!

Alicia said...

Oh, you put all my favorites on! Somehow they look even better on your blog! I can't wait for our first photo shoot!!

Heidi D said...

Wow Amy, those are great! Really :). Would you be willing to take our family photo? We haven't had one in almost 5 years.

dandee said...

These turned out amazing Amy! You have such talent + a great eye. I'm sure it helped having such gorgeous subjects to shoot too!

Amy said...

I love these kids! I guess that's what they ended up doing instead since there were no piano lessons last Monday! They really are unbelievably sweet and agreed, so photogentic!

aMAZing job on these pictures!!!!!!