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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


There are a lot of proud Mom Moments on this post. Be advised that these views are the sole feelings of an excited mother and not to be confused with bragging, boasting and all other wrongful doings.
As I said before, Anderson got his first WIN in has last wrestling match. But yesterday he got his very first PIN!!!! I was so excited I couldn't stop screaming! (And no I didn't look like a crazy lady...everyone else was screaming and yelling too :)_______________________________________________________
If you look very closely at this photo you will see Cayden on the far left. He has already landed after jumping to shoot the ball but before he shot he was outside the three point line. You can see the ball below the scoreboard and directly above the "wrestling" sign. Cayden had 4 games on Saturday and he hit between 3-4 three pointers in each game. He practices all the time. He lifts weights after school and shoots with his Dad daily.

When I sat down at the computer last night there was a word document open. It was another one of Sydney's stories, only I had booted her off the computer before she had gotten far. I am constantly finding stories and comics that she has written and left around the house.
This is what I found:
"I was a young fellow with long, brown hair, green eyes, and a strange curve for a mouth. Having that curve wasn't so delicate, until I found out it was a gift."
(Where on earth does she come up with these ideas?)

Branson is learning to share and play nice.


Em and Ms said...

Those proud mom moments are what make everything else worth it! Your kids are amazing, and that means an amazing mom!

Kristen said...

Aw what sweet mommy moments! I like the way "Em and Ms" put it:

Your kids are amazing, and that means an amazing mom!

That's so true!

And, if I may say so, those gym pictures look awesome. I don't know what your others look liked prior to your photography class, but I think you are really grasping the concept of exposure and composition well. I know the gym pictures were one of your greatest frustrations. The lighting is poor and the movements are so quick. How do you rate your gym pictures now?

LKP said...

i love ALL your mom moments!
i found myself cheering with each new one's unveiling.
you are one blessed momma!
keep enjoying them, it's your privilege.

Alicia said...

The last picture of Branson and Audrey was my favorite. What great mom moments! I was sitting there thinking, "Did Cayden make it?" And then I saw the next picture and suddenly it made sense why you posted a random picture of the ref. I love Sydney's story, I can truly appreciate it as a fellow author. And that picture of Anderson getting his first pin is so exciting, but having a "mom moment" myself, I can't help but ache for the poor kid being pinned!!

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

You really are an amazing mom! I think it's awesome you are getting to document all those little and big moments. As Yoda would say, Blessed you are:)

melissa mae said...

wow! I'm impressed with your kiddles. And that story? What the heck! That is so creative, seriously. I think you have a future writer on your hands.

dandee said...

You're a great mother...hence the great children.

SO much to be proud of.

Ben and Alissa said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing some of the proud moments you've had recently!

Svenja said...

I have to admit I never got behind the thing of wrestling and hey certainly, I have no clue about the rules, but a PIN must be something very hard to do and I just love the color of that photo! Did you take that all in manual setting???

Deborama said...

Brag away, that is one of our rights when we go through labor! Very impressed with Anderson! What a reward for doing something he wasn't so sure about! I can't wait to read sydney's books, hurry and get that girl a publisher! :) Caiden, well thats not surprising, he's already in the pro's in my mind. I love watching good moms, I just sit back and take notes!

Mikki said...

Sweet mommy moments!! I love them. Love the pics of Branson being kind, and Sydney sure has a talent with words.
Sports.....well, I need to work on my acceptance of them, cause I'm sure they'll be in my future! Loved all the shots!

Bren's Life said...

I love it!! You have all the reason in the world to be proud!!
Man- I could just kiss those cheeks. I don't think I have ever told you that you take AMAZING PICTURES!!! WOW!
And I took my camera to my friends 2 days ago. Couldn't do it! Went today. She was so tired.. I can't do it. I feel like I am saying- Ok You are dying I want a picture. Because I believe in miracles. She can get better, she can beat this. I can't give up on that idea. And if I take pictures with her sick right now?? Part of me wants to take the pictures together, but part of me says NO. Then your saying it's ok to go.. She is getting better not worse!

Lisa said...

I think you have a future author on your hands. That story had the makings to be great. I can't wait to see where her talent takes her!

MichelleB said...

Great post! Love the pictures and the stories.