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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dibble, Dabble, Learn

So I attended the photography class in Seattle. I have read and reread my notes. I know what I am supposed to do but I still get flustered when the lighting is low and my subject is moving. But the more and more I use the manual setting I am seeing less and less of photos like the one below.I am thrilled to be able to shoot inside a gym with horrific lighting and no flash and get decent results.
I am still fine tuning things but I was pleased with how these pictures of Branson turned out. It was about 5:00 in the evening and the sun was setting fast. I know some of them are a bit over or under exposed and I would normally fix that in photoshop before putting them on my blog but then that would defeat the purpose of this particular post.
Branson checking out the teenage girls who were acting like...well, giggly teenage girls.
I was still using manual focus and I'm going to give that up for a while. His hand is more in focus than his eyes. And the eyes should always be in focus.I have learned to appreciate the non smiling photos. They tell so much!

Now if only I could spend hours and hours behind my camera instead of doing laundry, running errands and getting things done for Cub Scout Day Camp.


ashley said...

Amy, these pictures look great! I'm so impressed your taking pictures on the manual setting. I'm too scared to even try! And I hear ya on all the Cub Scout stuff; I got called as the Bear den leader a few months back and I feel like I am constantly working on stuff for scouts. Maybe it's because I am! Good luck with everything you have going on!

LKP said...

ok your new header is the bomb, entirely! so. sonja yearsley hooked me up with a photo club in the area. cool thing, they have all sorts of workshops & events/shooting opportunities. and since they're happening all the time, its easier to actually get something out of it. wanna join? i'll email you the link. think about it. turns out there are a lot of people connected to this group with all varieties of experience & skills. AND they're all very nice & willing to help give some good pointers. so think about it. i can't wait to head over for the tulip fest on the west side in april. there's a macro workshop in april as well, and even a photoshop group! i'm excited. overwhelmed, but excited.

Kristen said...

Your new blog header took my breath away! What great photography Amy!! And just think, you will only keep getting better and better!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Funny you should post this... I was JUST looking into lighting classes myself!
Great job on the inside and outside photos...I am totally impressed with the inside wrestling shot...Mine are always dark!


SuzanSayz said...

I can't help but wonder, were those giggling teenaged girls by any chance flirting with Branson's big brother?

Heidi D said...

You're doing great. Like I said before, I want to learn this stuff too. I hope I can take a class at CBC.

Alicia said...

I love seeing the progressive improvement! So cool. I'm trying not to be so jealous of your photography skills. One day, one day.

I was hoping your post would end with Branson saying, "No eyes." Or whatever he said that was so funny.