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Friday, July 18, 2008

I Won!

It is so exciting to win Blog Giveaways! Out of 82 entries I won Robin's very cool gift package. (Of course I would never have even know about Robin's blog giveaway if it weren't for Jan.) Today we got home pretty late and I told Cayden to go look outside to see if there had been a delivery. I have had packages dropped off at four different doors at my house but I think this box was behind door number three.
Cayden immediately grabbed a pair of my craft scissors but I told him this was my package to open he better leave it alone. It was so cool...even though I already knew what was inside I still got that night before Christmas feeling, especially when I could see cute red stuff poking through the top.The kids were all gathered around and when I opened the lids of the box all six of their hands involuntarily reached for the colored, shredded, paper.
ME: Wait Guys! I have to get a picture of the cute tag and nest of eggs.
THEM: What's in it?
ME: Chick Flicks
CAYDEN: Chick Bicks? What's a Chick Bick?
ME: No, Chick Flick, a girly movie, a Mom movie.
CAYDEN & ANDERSON: Ohhhhh. (but this "oh" is ending lower than it started in a "we are not impressed" sort of way.)
CAYDEN: What else is in there?
ME: Candy
CAYDEN: Oh! (This is a perky "Oh") We like candy!
This is everything that was in the package! Woo Hoo!The basket was even cooler than it first looked!
CAYDEN: Can we have some Milk Dubs?
ME: What grade are you in? They are Mild Duds.
CAYDEN: OK, can we have some Milk Dubs?
(Summer is hitting this brain hard)
ME: Nope.
OK let me explain. I am not cruel, I am not selfish. I am simply a mom who is trying to go on vacation in two days while sticking to the family budget. (A budget that has been greatly messed up with gas currently at $4.25 a gallon in our great state of Washington)
So I am thinking these goodies will make perfect treats for the long car ride to Vancouver Canada.
Surprisingly enough they didn't ask again but took the box and turned it into a Robot.
Sounds creative doesn't it...well I would love to say the Robot had a happy ending but as soon as Sydney put it on her head Anderson began thumping on the box saying "Can ya hear that, can ya hear that?" She started screaming and I sent them all to bed at 9:00...so ya, happy ending for me.


debsters said...

Congratulations on winning a really cool giveaway. I agree, it is totally exciting to get a package in the mail.
Have a fantastic time on your trip. Fun, fun, fun!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Congratulations, that's a great prize pack!

And that robot... MAN I love it when kids do stuff like that!! (ya know, the making it part, not the bashing each other on the head and getting sent to bed early part)

Lisa said...

So you were the lucky winner!?!?! That was one fabulous giveaway...one of the best I have seen in fact! Enjoy those movies. And I hope the candy keeps the kids happy on the drive :)

::DANDEE:: said...

Yay for you! I LOVE happy mail!

meohmyers said...

That's so great that you won that giveaway! Don't you just love blogging? It's so funny to me that everything has to be documented for the blog now. I do the same thing! What a cute package! And I loved all the conversations. This was funny.

ashley said...

Getting packages are the best! Congratulations on winning, that was a great giveaway!

Em and Ms said...

How fun to win something! And what a great giveaway! I've still yet to win a giveaway...maybe someday...

Ms. Kristen said...

YEah! You deserve the prize, after letting our kids use your water up the other day!

And....my kids are driving me batty too!!! That is one reason why I send Dylan to Ut. for three weeks...he teases way too much!

Good luck on your trip! Give them all benydryl!!!

Movie Queen said...

You are a natural blogger. I have never read such a funny post about winning a giveaway. Very creative.

The Robin's Nest said...

Oh that post is so cute-those adorable kids of yours say the cutest things.
I woke up wondering if the Robin's nest & eggs made it in one piece-Too cool! I think I will send the little Robin's nest/eggs with all my shipments once I get my Etsy store opened.
Susie Harris of the blog Bienvenue made the little nest tags for me and sent them along with the tassels I ordered from her Etsy store.

I'm so happy for you that you won.
Enjoy the candy on your trip-Hope it doesn't hype the kids up too much in the car :0
Take lots of pictures for us to see.
I'm off to see the Grandbaby tomorrow... :)
P.S. Love the robot box!

SuzanSayz said...

These give aways really have me intrigued. I have signed up for a few of them, and I have'nt won one yet. It's still fun to see the people that get one be all excited. Enjoy your movies, enjoy your basket, and may your candy last at least half way to Canada!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing. I never win either. i am really excitd for you. 1/2 the fun is just knowing that you won, and you got an awesome proze too.

Jodi said...

Yeah!! You're so lucky - congratulations! Looks like one great package. I agree with your sister - you're a natural blogger. What a fun post on winning! :)

Bren's Life said...

How awesome! I never win either..
Thanks for the help with the school situation. I just pray that it works out. I really hope the principal will listen.

Jan said...

Yeah for you Amy. I can't wait to see that basket in real. I love that you won. Maybe I can borrow a movie from you. Its always books.

Deborama said...

Those were fun pictures! Im excited you got your camera! Thanks for the fun sprinkler party, it wore my kids out and they slept all the way to the cabin! :) Have a fun safe trip this week!