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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vacation Reads

One of my favorite things to do before going on vacation is pick out the books that I will be taking with me. I always seem to grab more than twice what I need since I'm never sure just what I will be in the mood for. I have tons of books in my library that I haven't ever had a chance to read yet.
I am also going to start a rating system. This is just as much for me as for those who are reading the review. Often as time goes by my memory is blurred as to how much I actually liked a book. This is mostly true for books that are just average, and I can't recall if they were below average or above average when someone asks how good it was. I was really hoping that Webdings had an image of a book but there was no such luck. I am choosing the next best thing...Palm Trees. J Five (5) being a "must read" on down to one (1) which is a "don't even bother."
When I read Book of a Thousand Days I was camping near a lake. I took a picture of the book as I was reading on the dock. I have decided that I am going to try and take pictures of all the books I finish in the location where I read them. It's actually kind of fun to figure out a background that is not only creative but will trigger a memory of what I was doing when I read the book.
Here are the books I read while in Orlando Florida..
Wolf Brother
Kid Rating JJJ
Adult Rating JJ

This was your typical quest book: Boy loses parent and must set out to save life as he knows it. He finds a wolf guide and they stumble into trouble and friendship as they accomplish impossible tasks at every turn. Like most books today it is the first in a series of books based on the same character completing different quests in each book. It was an enjoyable read and I think most kids would really like it. It was just a bit far fetched and predictable.

Star Girl


I really enjoyed this book. A teenage girl begins attending high school after years of home school. She is flamboyant in her dress and she serenades people on their birthday with her ukulele. She makes people uncomfortable and happy at the same time. No one quite knows what to make of her as she continues to "be herself" in a sea of conformists. She turns the school upside down and inside out and she makes the reader want to "dance in the rain." This book is NOT just for girls, the main character is actually a teenage boy.

On the Wings of Heroes


One of my new favorites! I really ate this book up. My favorite thing about it...every chapter was a short story but when all put together you have a great novel of history and fiction. Based on the era of the Second World War it is a fun way to brush up on life in America during this time of change for our country. It made me laugh out loud, and when a book can make you do that and give you information, well that's something. It's a quick read and enjoyable for all ages.



This book surprised me! I didn't want to put it down. I will admit that I did skim a little during the longer descriptions of the baseball games, but this book was about much more than Little League baseball. The plot and characters were contagious and full of life, a life that I have never experienced in New York City and immersed in baseball. I would suggest this book to any sports fan who needs a push in the reading department...and to those who don't.


So...can anyone tell what the backgrounds are in my book pictures? Take a guess, this could be fun.


meohmyers said...

I love that you're starting book reviews! Great system with the palm trees!

Here's my guess: towel, placemat, carpet, and leather sofa.

What do I win?! :)

Amy J. said...

Ohhhh Kim, you have 2 right! 2 worng!

Em & M's said...

Thank you! I always love good book reviews, and with all the reading you do I'm sure yours are great! I keep a running list so when I go to the library I can make it fast and get great books to read.

rip said...

Cute post! Maddy has read all the Wolf Brother series and LOVES them.

My guess: towel, bed, carpet and airplane?

debsters said...

Blanket, curtain, ?, tent?

You are so creative, I love the palm trees, are you going to use evergreens in the fall and winter? (J/K)

Jan said...

The books look great. That class is for 3rd ward Amy. But I've got your back for information.

A "guest" towel
for baseball, leather sports
jacket or bean bag chair

Fun game you creative monster.

Ms. Kristen said...

I am excited to read some of those! But....have three other books ahead of those! Star girl looks fun!

I guess:

Movie Queen said...

I'm making my comment before I read anyone else's. Here's my guesses:

1. beach towel
2. a chair?
3. bed spread in hotel
4. airplane seat

I love these reviews, Amy. Even if the book doesn't interest me, I love reading what you have to say about them. You did it so well!

Movie Queen said...

Oh, and...am I the only one NOT seeing palm trees? I see a lot of "J's".

Jodi said...

Ummmmm...towel, couch, chair, and leather beanbag. :S

Jodi said...

Wait...wait...I change the last one to a leather sofa. :)