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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


When I opened our side door to dump the garbage I found this cute little guy sitting on the door frame.

Apparently... either he wasn't over far enough or I was in a big hurry after taking this picture of him because several hours later...

Anderson: Hey mom, there's a squashed Preying Mantis in the door jam!
Mom: Is he still alive?

Anderson: Uhhhh, he's twitching...

Cayden and Anderson loved playing on their crib mattress when they were toddlers.

Apparently... Branson does too.
Anderson and Cayden get very frustrated learning how to tie knots. Grandpa Cazier gets very frustrated teaching how to tie knots.

Apparently... I am a smart woman for sending them down to Grandpa instead of teaching them myself.


Sydney celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday.

Apparently... once you turn 8 you sleep with your head inside your brothers laundry basket.

I DO NOT like dogs. I do not like our dog.
Apparently... I am out voted by yet another member of our family. (Dang it, Branson was my last shot)
Our deck is way over due for a good refinishing job.

Apparently... playing in the sunshine outweighs slivers in the hands and knees.


What a pathetic attempt at a creative post!

Apparently... I need to get out more.


♥miss~mattie♥ said...

Apparently you are hilarious. Love the family.

♥miss~mattie♥ said...

Sorry it is Jan here. Mattie was still plugged in. I am sure she thinks you are funny too. And she likes your family as well.

Mikki said...

Apparently your kids assume some of the craziest sleeping positions. Too funny. Your kids are so cute, and so is your doggie (sorry, but he is). :o)

Em and Ms said...

Apparently you're way more creative than me, and a much better photographer! I love the picture of Branson with the dog. And Sydney in the laundry basket? Hilarious!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Your observation on eight year old girls is hilarious!

I'm also hugely relieved to find someone - ANYONE - else who doesn't love dogs! We're the minority... but at least I know I'm not the ONLY one!

Bren's Life said...

I think you were really creative in your post.. I love all your pictures & thoughts. Poor bug- my girls would be having a burial service for him right now. After they took off the rest of the legs & stuff!!!
Your dog is cute.. Be nice to him!

SuzanSayz said...

Amy, don't you dare put yourself down in any way. This was a great post. I enjoy every one of your posts, so there. Like Mike said it is always nice to find another non-dog lover. For the most part I don't like dogs. I can't see the appeal of something that has a mind of its own and the power to really hurt you. And the worst are dogs who are vicious who have owners telling you "oh he wouldn't hurt a thing" HAH! Of course thats what THEY think, like Rex would ever turn on them. There are dogs that I almost like of course. There are exceptions to every rule.

Kris said...

After your last post about smelly armpits, I'm surprised that Sydney could even sleep in the boys laundry basket. Love the picture of Branson and the dog. So cute. I think you are one creative lady!

Alicia said...

That one of Sydney sleeping in the laundry basket is hilarious. And that one of Branson and Belle needs to be blown up and sold as a poster. Although I DO hate dogs. Way cute post. Apparently you're more creative than you think.

Kristen said...

Apparently you needing to get out more leads to very fun blog to read!

Mikki said...

Hey Amy, neither of those names rings any bells, but then I'm horrible with names too.
What area of Las Vegas do they live in? I'm in the northwest.

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

I thought the post was very creative! Sydney in the laundry basket is hilarious!

Lisa said...

Far from pathetic...I loved this post.

Noelle said...

i too hate dogs. all house pets in fact. one more thing to serve that isn't helping with my eternal progression is how i see it.
sydney and her 2nd cousin caitlyn need to get together and compare sleeping notes. didn't she think it stunk?

cazmom said...

Ya, those stinky pits baskets are dangerous territories. She's a brave soul. And I'm loving the places she falls asleep. She is my kind of girl.

Ms. Kristen said...

I still laughed out loud! Cute, as always! I love the dog one! Too cute!

ashley said...

The picture of Branson and the dog is so adorable! As for the praying mantis (?) they have always freaked me out, ew!

debsters said...

It's all great. Did Sydney sleep long in that basket? It reminds me of when I had my head scan thing. She must not be claustrophobic.

I't not a huge animal loveer. I got outvoted on that cat that showed up at our house and now she's chubby around the middle. We think she's expecting, but how do you tell?