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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Logic Puzzle #1

Believe it or not I am moving full speed ahead, getting ready for Cub Scout Day Camp 2009. The theme is CSI: Cub Scout Investigation. I LOVE this theme. I am working a lot of ideas through my head right now and one thing that came to mind was having the boys solve mysteries, or logic puzzles. I need your help, especially my readers under the age of 15! Throughout the next few weeks I will post some "mysteries" or "crimes" and I want you all to see if you can solve them. Let me know if they were easy or hard, cool or dumb. I appreciate any feed back that I can get. Remember these are 8,9 and 10 year old boys that I am targeting.

Someone threw a brick through a window and you have five suspects. Each suspect made 3 statements, two of the statements are true and one is a lie. Who is guilty?
1. Tom said:
I am innocent
I have never used a brick to destroy anything.
Bill Did it.
2. Fred said:
I did not do the damage.
My name is Fred.
Steve is not my friend.
3. Chris said:
I am innocent.
I have never met Steve before.
Bill is guilty.
4. Bill said:
I did not throw the brick.
Steve did it.
Tom did not tell the truth when he said I did it.
5. Steve said:
I am innocent.
Fred is guilty.
Chris and I are old friends.
Who is the culprit?


Deborama said...

Its 9 in the am, too early to have to think, I've already graduated! I will try back later and have Austin & Rin do it too! :)

Em and Ms said...

How fun! I love that theme too, and way to go planning ahead like this. Hopefully then it won't be so hectic next summer. I actually love logic puzzles, but they do take some though. I'm pretty sure Fred is guilty. Am I right? I have no idea the level of 8-10 year olds, but it does take some thought but isn't too hard since there are only 3 variables per person.

rip said...

I DON'T KNOW! I think I've got it and I look at it again and I can't remember why I picked who I picked. My head is spinning!

Alicia said...

Bill did it. I saw him leave the house last night with a brick wearing all black.

Alicia said...

Ha ha, just kidding. Fred did it.
Don't tell anyone I had to call and ask for help. It's alright because you didn't really help me anyway.
This may be advanced for 12 year olds, but then again maybe I'm just slow for a 29 year old.
This was way fun, can't wait for the next one.

SuzanSayz said...

Hmm, I'm 51 instead of 15 so I guess thats close enough. I'm sure I could figure it out in a little bit. Like say five hours or so. You are a machine Amy. Too bad every Stake doesn't have someone like you in charge of all their programs. I am such a procrastinater that I don't even want to think of how long it would take for me to start thinking Scout camp again. A big loud scout cheer Kudos to you.

Kris said...

I don't know how to figure these out. I'm going to have Tyler read this and see if he could figure it out. I'm excited for the new theme too. It will be so fun! Amy, you are so awesome at what you do.

Noelle said...

unless you give some hints on how to figure it out, i think it's too hard since i have no idea where to even begin and though i would never consider myself all that genius like, it's way hard for me to know even where to begin. but if someone were to tell me how to figure it out without giving anything away, i know i'd get it. man i sound dumb....now i have a huge complex.

Bren's Life said...

Now wait a minute. Why did he have a brick & did his mother know? I knew they should hang out with that kid. What a trouble maker...
Ok- who & what? Can you start over from the beginning & type it slowly - please...

jptaylorfamily said...

ugh. my head is hurting jut looking at that thing. If I were 10, I'd totally give up already. I think I havesome boys who would be very intrigued by it, and others who would just whine about it.

Jodi said...

Great idea Amy! I think the boys would love these brain teaser/puzzles. I'm guessing Fred.

debsters said...

My girls were completely on their own when Mrs. V had these brain teasers. Seriously, my brain does not think like this.

This absolutely is a great idea, though is likely too tricky for some kids, but I can see some boys loving it.

meohmyers said...

I love these puzzles! I love helping Brady with Mrs. V's brain food homework!

So this puzzle would be a little tricky if the kids had no adult help. Maybe if they were given a clue to start off with Bill's statements they could figure it out on their own. I'll show Brady this when he gets home to see how hard it is for him to do.

Jan said...


Aubrey said...

Sounds cool! Once again you are so creative it makes me sick!!! I will rack my brain to find the answer! I love brain games

The Evanites Tribe said...

what a great theme! i am awful at solving crimes...that why my kids get away with murder...just joking! let me know if you need any help with camp...keep up the awesome work...last day camp ROCKED!

::Jessica:: said...

ooh i love these. . . Chris did it.