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Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh what do you do when you're feeling blue...

Do you pout? Just give up?Take a nap in the tub?
Or do you think about the things in life that you can celebrate?
I think I will focus on celebrating...


Sydney has found a "good" friend in McKenna Moon. To me a good friend is someone who is kind, speaks nicely and treats others fairly. I love that Sydney can add another good friend to her list of people she enjoys being around.





"Hey mom! Do you think Bill Gates ever has a yard sale?"



Sydney's picture received the 3rd place award in the ABSTRACT category.

Anderson's picture of Belle won the 3rd place award in the ANIMAL category.

My bird photo won 2nd in the ANIMAL division and my hallway picture won 2nd in the ABSTRACT category. My photo Rubik's Cube won 2nd in the craft contest. But beside winning a yummy chocolaty prize the kids loved getting to use my new camera and Cayden wasn't too sad about not winning after I gave him all my ribbons to eat.



Can I just say how incredible this is! I consider scrapbooking my #1 hobby right next to reading but I hadn't created an actual 12x12 layout in over a year and a half! This past week I have made at least 5 full layouts each day and it is fun and there is no mess, and it's free (until I print them out of course) What about all my patterned papers and rubber stamps and punches you ask? Oh I use them all the time for all kinds of crafts and cards and miscellaneous projects. I love love love digi scrapbooking!

So maybe I was feeling a bit blue...and maybe I stayed away from blogging for a week to pout...but there so much every day to celebrate! (Oh...and I've kept my house clean for over a week! Now THAT'S something to celebrate!!!)


::DANDEE:: said...

There is just so much to comment on!

::Branson is a doll!

::Sydney sleeping in the tub! Crazy!

::We LOVE the Moons!

::Your ward activity looks AWESOME!

::Your page looks great. Just add it to your many amazing talents!

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

Congrats on winning the photo contests! Thats great. I also LOVE your digi scrapbooking. I think its the best invention ever.

SuzanSayz said...

I'm glad you're back Amy I was strting to miss you. This was such a lovely post. How wonderful for Sydney to have such a good friend, and even better for them to be in the same ward. That must have been one really cool ward activity BTW. I loved all the pictures as well. Oh and tell Anderson thanks, now I'll be up all night pondering the Bill Gates question.

Shayla said...

Amy, I LOVE your posts. You always have so many beautiful photos to look at, things to smile and laugh at, and stuff to think about. Your attitude makes me want to smile, too. I'm so glad you decided to start blogging! I LOVE that digi-layout! I'm so excited for you that you've gotten so much scrapping done. I want to see all your layouts! :-)

Noelle said...

ok, i am laughing so hard about the bill gates garage sale question. who would think of that question? i'm still laughing. funny kid. funny kid. congrats on your family's amazing photo abilitys and prizes.

Brenda said...

This post makes me happy. Your layout is GREAT! Way to BE Amy!

Bren's Life said...

Oh I just LOVE - Love how creative in your photography. I am in such awe over how good you take pictures & how creative you are.
I missed you this last week.
Hope the blues have past. But at least you got things done. I've just been lying on the couch 1/2 the afternoon doing nothing. Feeling down!

♥The S Sissies♥ said...

I almost fell asleep inthe tub the other day.Cute picts.

Alicia said...

When I'm blue... I blog about it! So many great pictures!! I should get some chocolate for helping you pick the bird and basketball picture. I LOVE that picture of Branson's tiny little mouth all covered in sugar. And Anderson's question made me laugh out loud.
That scrapbook page is gorgeous!! Is that the one you were talking about sending to me? I want it!!

rip said...

Ummm...Wow!! I was very touched. I showed Kenna your blog and she loved the pictures. The feeling of having good friends is mutual.

I think I might want to buy a copy of that page you made. Then I could say I have one page done, 3,764 to go.:)

Marilyn said...

Amy, I really appreciate oyu calling and talking to you about this struggle was so helpful.

Actually, I have never met Noelle, but we've become buddies through blogging...I actually get to meet her this next week when I head to Utah...we will get together for lunch. I just love her.

Em and Ms said...

Love this post, love the pictures, love the award-winning photographs, love your digi scrapbook page. You're pretty much amazing. Love you!

Mikki said...

Oh man, if only I could keep the house clean for a week. that is amazing!!! (I can't keep it clean for two days).
Cute pictures--all of them. Your little man is just too adorable!! There ought to be a law!

Lisa said...

Life is full of moments to celebrate, isn't it. Cute post.

Ms. Kristen said...

I really want to learn how to digi scrap? Do you buy a program?

Way to go on your house! I probably should get off the computer to do the same!

Clan of the Derek said...

Love your cute blog - you have sucj darling kids, can't wait to start working with you on day camp


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I'm sorry you were feeling a little blue. I am so thrilled you and the kids won some photo awards-They are all wonderful shots Amy!
I'm telling you what-You seriously have some of the cutest kids in the world.

jptaylorfamily said...

I really need to follow your example and get some scrapbooking done. I'm like, a year behind! I figured if I did a page a day I'd get caught up by Due Day, but I haven't been persistent. I, too, love digital because it you can make the elements any color or size that you want, and WAY cheaper! I'm glad to see all these great pics of your kiddos. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

cazmom said...

Your pouting and sleeping in the tub pictures cracked me up. I love your blog.

cazmom said...

What digicrop site do you use? What are the costs? email me at: sgardner@costco.com.