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Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Moments

Yes these are all true.


My Grandma Lindgren called my mom and wanted to know how to send a package using email.


The boys had a friend over to play when John walked in the door from work.

JOHN: Hey guys, ya practice any basketball today?

FRIEND: I practiced like 2 hours.

JOHN: I didn't know you had a hoop at your house.

FRIEND (totally serious): I don't but I have an NBA game on Play Station and I learned some really great moves.


Sydney was feeling left out at church today. A friend was paying more attention to the new girl in class and Sydney was crying.

ME: Sydney, calm down and quit being so dramatic.

SYDNEY: They won't even look at me.

ME: I am sure that is not the case and I bet your friend is simply trying to make the new girl feel welcome.

SYDNEY: Believe me mom, she feels welcome BIG time. (sniff sniff)


John found an article stating that BYU was ranked the #1 most Conservative school for 11 years running.

JOHN: So why is it that as soon as I leave, the school gets this award?


Branson started crawling, waving Bye Bye and eating everything that we are eating.


Anderson spent seven days away from us at Scout Camp and is now famous for licking a ginormous slug...(the Scout Leaders and Scouts thought I would be shocked at this tidbit of information but I have witnessed Anderson's bizarre behavior many times before...licking a smelly snail while camping last Memorial Day Weekend...licking gnats off the sliding glass door when he was 5...sucking on worms when he was 3...)


First day of school Photo's...
This is not a posed shot, but the direct result of me saying, "Cayden at least put your arm around your sister..."
Sydney 2nd Grade with Mr. Hernandez
Always a drama queen. After her first day of school her dad was teasing her and asked if she got into any trouble.
SYDNEY: Noooo, Dad. Mr.Hernandez adores me.
ME and JOHN (thinking in our heads): WOW.

Cayden 5th Grade with Mrs. Kuffel

This photo is blurry because I am laughing at Cayden's expense.

MRS. KUFFEL: Can I put my arm around you when your mom takes your picture? Can I give ya a big hug? Can I give you a kiss on the cheek?

Cayden wanted to crawl in a hole and die...but you gotta know Mrs. Kuffel and it was hilarious.

Anderson 7th grade at McLoughlin.

He is excited about his leadership class. He really enjoys public speaking and they will be doing a lot of that. He is in choir again and it is his favorite.


Em and Ms said...

Those were so funny! I especially laughed at the Playstation basketball one. A few weeks ago we took our cub scouts to play tennis and I asked if anyone had played before. We had quite a few "experts" from playing the Wii. Too bad it doesn't translate to real life.

Alicia said...

Yeah, the licking of the big slug was no shock to me either, as I witnessed the licking of the small slug. Just before I smelled it and about threw up. Anderson, Anderson, what would we do without you?

Lisa said...

I totally cracked up at the NBA on playstation comment. That's too funny.

Jan said...

NBA. That was so funny. I like the August Moments title. Great idea for a recap for the month. I got a Wii for my birthday. I think it was for me :) There is something I keep meaning to ask you, and I can't remember it. Don't you hate when that happens.

Jan said...

I wanted to tell you too, that the kids look great. I love how you got a picture of their teachers too. Sydnee is very confident in knowing how loved she is. What a doll.

Kris said...

These comments are so funny. I just love it. Your kids pictures are so cute. Thanks for making every post so entertaining. Seriously, you crack me up, and I love to come to your blog!

::DANDEE:: said...

Oh, Grandma Lindgren. Gotta love her.

Aubrey said...

Those are great! Especailly the one with G'ma!!! How funny is she? Your school pictures are adorable.

Shayla said...

Ah, isn't that just the typical brother/sister love? I just had to laugh at that photo. My girls will be so deprived without brothers around to torment them. What did we do, stopping at only two girls?! I had five older brothers to torment me and look how good I turned out? :-)

SuzanSayz said...

Who needs fiction when real life is so darn funny.

Bren's Life said...

Oh these are all just too funny... That picture reminds me of how my brother was to me too... But I would of elbowed him in the stomach right as the picture went off... I know I'm a great little sister!!
That is so funny about Caydens teacher. And your hubby about BYU. Hum - imagine that!

Jodi said...

I just love your posts Amy! I'm so glad that I have my computer up and running again. Love the comments (FUNNY) - Love the pictures (CUTE). And hopefully things will look up for Sydney at church. :)

Brenda said...

Your family always has the funniest comments! The best part is they are so real!

Your kids look so cute for school! Sydney is adorable!

ashley said...

These quotes from August are so funny! I like the one about the kid practicing basketball, haha. If these are just your August moments, I can't imagine what every month is like! I'm glad you posted the picture of Mrs. Kuffel. I have heard a lot about her and how much Sarah Haertling just loves her. She seems like quite the lady!