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Monday, August 4, 2008

Love/Hate Relationship

Today...August 4th 2008 had a total Love/Hate thing going for our family

LOVE that Sydney is excited about playing soccer.

HATE trying to find a team that she can play on where she may actually know someone else, the time we will be adding to our family's already hectic schedule, and the gas it takes to get to practice and games. I know these are lame excuses but I really don't want to add one more thing, can you tell this is Dad's idea!?

LOVED making Strawberry Jam with the kids. We do it every summer and they take turns mashing and stirring.

HATED the mess it made because the kids took turns mashing and stirring.

LOVED that as we made the jam Cayden said, "Hey where is that cool book called The Big Red Strawberry?"

LOVED even more that as soon as I found the book he went over and read it to Branson.

HATED that I had to take the book away from Branson and replace it with a board book that I didn't like so much. That kid insists on completely demolishing board books that we have had since Anderson was born! Maybe his slobber is made of acid or something.

LOVE my big yard with shade trees from the neighbors.

HATE: Just mention the word Pinecone to the Cazier Kids and the groans and excuses begin. And believe me those trees drop a ton of them. I told them they only had to give the chore 30 minutes...a break from the usual "Fill the entire Bucket" rule.LOVE that a great teacher has returned to John's school after a year long service mission for his church.

HATE what he brought back as a gift for my husband. I wish John had never told me what it was! (I 'm pretty sure he thinks it's pretty cool)

LOVED Breaking Dawn! Loved it loved it loved it! And I finished it today at 5:45 PM. As I shut the book I said, "Wow, that was a great book."HATE: John controlled himself not to hide my book but I think John feels about my reading the way the kids feel about the pinecones.

LOVE that Branson is turning 9 months tomorrow.

HATE that Branson is turning 9 months tomorrow.

LOVE that the house is totally quiet right now.

HATE that in order to get a half hour of silence I have to be up past midnight.


::DANDEE:: said...

9 months already?! That is sad!

I totally hear you on the staying up late...what time is it anyway?

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Such a cute post! I loved it and didn't hate a thing about it~!

Ms. Kristen said...

I hear ya! We all have those love hate relationships!

But I love that you finished Breaking Dawn, and I hate that I am only on New Moon!

Jan said...

Pure genius Amy J. That is the cutest post. I get all of those feelings too.

The jam looks wonderful. Good job. And the book is so big, how could you possibly be done?

Not 9 mnths. Make it stop. So cute.

Hope you have a great day Amy. Thanks for the smile this morning too. Remember- you are special :)

Em and Ms said...

That first picture of Sydney is so cute. Yeah, kids grow up way too fast. I'm still waiting for Laura to finish Breaking Dawn so I can borrow it :)

4starmom said...

9 months? That's impossible! He is sooo cute!

Kris said...

I can relate to all of these things. Staying up late, Jam mess, books, baby getting so big, chores and book. So cute Amy. I really liked this post.

Melissa Mae Johnson said...

A couple of things: I LOVE how Sydney is sleeping with her soccer ball. I used to sleep in my froggy splits. AND, The Big Hungry Bear is my favorite childhood book. I have three copies. Also, I am SO jealous that you've already finished Breaking Dawn. I have to wait until the 9th to get mine.

SuzanSayz said...

Amy, I am so glad that I am getting to really know you. You are just (as Uncle Claud would say) Neat! I love the Mouse and the big red Strawberry book. It's one of my favorite to read to my grandchildren. I love that you include your kids in everything you do. I always had good intentions but it's so much easier to do it yourself, that way too often, I would shoo them away. That is happy and sad about little Branson. My babies are 22 and 20 now and I loved and savored every second of them, but it still went by too fast. Have a lovely week, and hopefully you will find more time to relax.

♥The S Sissies♥ said...

I can relate to some of those Love/Hate! Oh and elizabeth daid that I might get ht eteacher theat just came back. His wife teaches at livingston! Oh wait, you proboly already knew that

ashley said...

What a cute post. And I can't believe you already finished the book, I am so jealous! I have hardly had any time to read so I'm still not very far. It was so great to see you at the B&N party! What a fun night :)

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

I can honestly appreciate all of your love/hate items... but the one I especially relate to is how great it is to get a few moments of peace and quiet... coupled with the fact that peace and quiet don't exist during hours I'd actually WANT to be awake... :)

Hang in there - school starts soon!

Noelle said...

love the post. you MUST tell me what that 'horn' is made of. i'm dying to find out. is it what i think it is?????

Movie Queen said...

Wow John, that sure is an awful small gourd he picked out for you :)

Great post. You come up with such clever ideas. I loved the part about John liking your books as much as the kids love pinecones.

debsters said...

Very clever and cute as always. I completely understand the love-hate realationships: the is it worth it feelings!!

I'm thrilled Mr.H is back. Kenley is hoping to have him.

What the heck is that gift anyway?

Rachel said...

Loved your post, hate that all of our kids are growing up to fast...and thankful Mr. H didn't bring Chad any gifts from his mission.

Jodi said...

You're so cute Amy! I loved this post. I've also finished Breaking Dawn. I've been thinking about having a group discussion at my house or restraunt or somewhere to talk about EVERYTHING that was squished in this 750+ page book.