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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kids Poetry Give-away

I have always loved poetry and I was thrilled when Cayden's 4th grade teacher assigned them a weekly poetry assignment. Each week Cayden had to pick out a poem with appropriate words and topics (Thanks to Cayden, in Mrs. Vandervert's class you can no longer read poems about dogs going potty on flowers) he had to read it, tell what he liked and didn't like about it and then share it with the class. Despite the beating our poetry books took as they traveled around in his back pack I loved this assignment! The first few months of school Cayden exhausted all of his favorite Shel Silverstein poems. I have always snatched up poetry books at Good Will, Yard Sales and on the Bargain Racks of Book Stores...I had plenty for him to choose from and after trying several other poets here are some of mine and Cayden's favorites.

Shel Silverstein is one of the best know poets to kids of all ages. His most popular books are Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic, Falling Up and The Missing Piece. To put a fun twist on words try Runny Babbit. This is "A Billy Sook" where the first letter of many of the nouns are traded with other words.


(taken from Runny Babbit)

Runny got a present-

A lovely hurple pat.

He put it on and pasked his als,

"What do you think of that?"

One said, "Ooh, it's storrible!"

One said, "Yuck-it hinks!"

Now Runny Babbit never asks

What other theople pink.

Cayden found a new favorite poet in Bruce Lansky. He offers poetry books both written by him or selections from his favorite finds. Some of his titles are The New Kid on the Block, If Pigs Could Fly, Kids Pick the Funniest Poems I and II, a PIZZA the size of the SUN, and My Dog ate my Homework.


(Taken from My Dog Ate my Homework)

My puppy's in the garden.

He loves to smell the flowers.

To help them grow my puppy always

sprinkles them with showers.

Taken from If You're Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand by Kalli Dakos


Sandy's in love with Timmy,

But Timmy's in love with Sue,

Sue's in love with Jimmy,

And Jimmy with Sarah Laroo.

I'm not in love with anyone;

I'm far too young for this.

Besides, I think it's

germy, gross, and yucky

to kiss!

Kenn Nesbitt has written When the Teacher Isn't Looking and The Aliens Have Landed at Our School


(Taken from When the Teacher Isn't Looking)

My dog does my homework at home every night.

He answers each question and gets them all right.

There's only one problem with homework by Rover.

I can't turn in work that's been slobbered all over.

There are also a lot of really good picture book style of Poetry books. These are great for younger readers just beginning to show an interest in poems.

BAD WORDS (Taken from Giant Children)

She actually said it, she said it in class.

It sounded so nasty, It sounded so crass.

The children stared, the teacher scowled,

The custodian cried, the principal howled.

Then pool little Patti, my very best friend.

She opened her mouth and she said it again.

"Bad words, bad words!" We all began to chant.

"Never! Never! Never! Never say the words...I CAN"T."

THE DUNG BEETLE (Taken from Insect Soup)

There's no reason for discretion

(So let us be discreet)

No need for explanation;

Just say it likes to eat.

RAISING FROGS FOR PROFIT (Taken from Pocket Poems)

Raising frogs for profit is a sorry joke.

How can you make money when so many of them croak?

Giles Andreae also wrote Cock-a-doodle-doo! Barnyard Hullabaloo, and Commotion in the Ocean.

CROCKODILE (Taken from Rumble in the Jungle)

When animals come to the river to drink

I watch for a minute or two.

It's such a delight

To behold such a sight

That I can't resist chomping a few.

Each of Alan Katz poems are set to the tune of kids familiar songs. He has also published I'm Still Here in the Bathtub (Which I realize is missing from my library)

I'M FILTHY, I'M DIRTY (Taken from Take Me out of the Bathtub)

(To the Tune of It's Raining, It's Pouring)

I'm filthy, I'm dirty

Got mud on my shirt-y

On a whim I took a swim

In a puddle with a birdie!

I'm smelly, I'm dusty

From head to toe I'm musty

To be a slob's a full-time job

I guess I look disgust-y.

My give-away is for a small collection of kids poetry books, including some mentioned in this post. One winner will be selected on Saturday August 30th. So leave a comment and WIN!


debsters said...

I love poetry. As a kid I used to memorize poems I liked and recite them over and over in my head. I've always appreciated the rhyming. I, too, liked the 4th grade poetry unit. I love when I get excited about one of my kids school projects. Thanks for some great book recommendations.
(I haven't forgotten about the pictures, i'll get to that this week.)

::DANDEE:: said...

I would love to win this giveaway. My children love poetry books!

Brenda said...

I was reading your post and thinking - Oh my goodness! My kids have hardly any poetry books! They love making their own rhymes (most not recognizable words). This would be such a great prize to win!

Jan said...

I have actually read some of those books.

I want to win this giveaway
Because I know it would make my day
You are being good and nice
And it would save us from retail price

Thanks for your great example of reading.

meohmyers said...

You always have the best giveaways! Count me in. I love building up my preschool library!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

A couple of my kids (Andy and Kaylee) LOVE reciting Shel Silverstein poems to each other... These would be a great addition to their collection!

Kris said...

Ooh, count me in too. These books like my kids would love them! Thanks for the book ideas too! You are awesome.

♥miss~mattie♥ said...

Count me in!!!!!!! I would love to win some poetry books.
Bye bye.♥☺♥

Jeff and Heidi said...

I was going to mention "Take me out of the bathtub" to you, but I can see that you are cool enough to already know about it. I adore that book. :))

Nicole said...

Not only do I want to win this giveaway, I need to! After reading this, I have realized that my children are poetry book deprived.

Lisa said...

I love childrens books. When I was expecting Alexandra my friends hosted a baby shower where everyone brought a childrens book to help build a collection for my children-to-be. I especially LOVE 'where the sidewalk ends'. I have very fond memories of reading that as a child.

l.a.c. said...

these are some of MY favorites and my girls already love to hear the rhyming words that are so catchy! it is amazing how quickly they memorize and repeat...

you are so generous. thank you for sharing your passion with the rest of us!

Alicia said...

Those poems are so cute. The one with the mixed up first letters makes me think of Grandpa Lindgren. I hope I win, I don't think we own one poetry book.

Shayla said...

Another great post from you, Amy! We love many of these books at our house. My kids love any books where it rhymes. Especially the ones where you sing them to a familiar tune. And anything that makes Natie giggle is a favorite at our house. I want to win this one!!

lindsay>boo said...

OK, you got me. I'm coming out of lurkdom. I've enjoyed reading your blog and love to hear about all your fun book selections. I would absolutely love to win the poetry books!

Em and Ms said...

These would be so fun to read with Madelyn. I've always loved Shel Silverstein.

Mechelle said...

Thanks for letting me play. m

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH---I LOVE THOSE BOOKS! they made me feel all KIDDISH again just looking at them!!!

I would love to win these!!!!!
Count Me In!!!♥

Bren's Life said...

I want to run out & buy these books they look so fun. I wanna win. Pick me - pick me....
What a great project.

Deborama said...

Oh my, we need to read more! You make me feel guilty! :) Those books look so fun.

Bren's Life said...

Ok I just read them agian.. I want to get a few of those books myself enev if I don't win.. Which 2 are your ultimate favorite?
Your just amazing!!!

SuzanSayz said...

What a great idea for a give away Amy. When I was a kid my Grandma Brinkerhoff had the most wonderful book called "Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls" It was a collection of many different authors children's poems. I LOVED that book. I also love Shel Silverstein. Did you know that he has written adult stuff as well? There are actually a few songs from the 70's that he wrote the lyrics to. I doubt lightening will strike twice for me but sign me up anyway!

Jodi said...

I hope I win, I hope I win! I love kids poems! And so do my boys. In 4th grade we could memorize a poem and if we recited it in front of the class, we got a piece of Hubba Bubba! It was a huge incentive for me and I'd do it every week.

Nicki said...

I read "Flipped" and liked it. Thanks for the book review. Now Kylie's trying to get me to read more of her books instead of my romances.

Cindy said...

Gotta get in on this one. I would love to add some poetry books to our ever-growing library.

Aubrey said...

Poetry was always my favorite part of English class!

I just got finished reading each poem to Caitlyn for the 5th time....!!! I should pull out my poetry collection! Thanks Amy :)

MichelleB said...

Hope I am not too late. I will admit we are poetry deprived in our house. I would love to turn that around!!!

jptaylorfamily said...

Sounds like a fun giveaway! You are so generous, Amy! My kids and I love stuff like that.

Kenzie☺ said...

Can I Enter.........Maybe.....Please

rip said...

We love the bathtub books! I haven't heard of some of the others. I would love to add to our collection.