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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Books of the Summer

By Roland Smith
JJJJJ This is a great book. A young boy, Peak, loves to climb...anything. After getting in trouble with the law he goes to live with his father who is a famous mountain climber and guide. Peak gets to experience the adventure of a lifetime as he attempts to climb Mount Everest. This was an action packed novel that was very informative about the steps that must be taken during dangerous climbs. There is no language but there are two short parts that hint toward sexual behavior.
Hidden Talents
By David Lubar

This book was a pleasant surprise as it was both entertaining and fun. My mother's exact words, "It was really cute." (And she is pretty picky) Martin is sent away to a 24 hour Alternative School. Despite having a roommate who is a pyromaniac and a 7 foot bully who wants to beat the crud out of him Martin begins to feel at home. Besides the unique and intriguing characters, this book has an unexpected twist towards the middle that really gets things going.


By Van Draanen

Staying true to it's title this book started out slow but then about 1/3 into it, "flipped" into a fun, romantic story. Although I am not crazy about Middle School age kids having this strong of a "love" there is nothing in it that should make parents beware. The chapters flip flop between Juli and Bryce as they take turns telling their side of the story, starting with the second grade and ending in the 8th. I loved the creative flare of this book, something you can't really appreciate until you have read the book for yourself.


By Brandon Mull

I was concerned that this would be yet another Harry Potter wannabe. Kendra and Seth must stay with their Grandpa for 17 days while their parents are on a cruise, but they begin to discover that there is more to Fablehaven than first meets the eye. I have to say that Fabelhaven was an enchanting read without going too over the top in the magic department. It did not disappoint and although it may not be as well written as the Potter series it promises to be a creative delight for anyone who enjoys fantasy.

Can you tell where my books were read by the backgrounds?


Jodi said...

I just spent FOREVER reading all the blogs I've been missing and then you post another. :) Thanks for the book suggestions. I'll have to check them out. And I'll get back to you on where you read them (I did notice they had different backgrounds though). I love this game, but I didn't realize it was so late. :)

Kristen said...

My guess the books were read on (in sequence order):
on an airplane
at the beach
by a tree
on a patio

Did I get any right? :o)

Aubrey said...

Hurrah! A post on good books! I love me a good bookie!

And may I add that I absolutely loved, loved the Fablehaven series! I think my favorite book is the third one, of course number four has not yet come out....so....!

I have written down the book names and plan to read them soon, the cover for Hidden Talents still has me laughing!

Jan said...

I love how you use your nogin.

In the car
On the beach
On a deck
by a pool

You could write a book. I just know you could.

debsters said...

You are a reading machine Amy. The other day Elizabeth asked me about a book and we both had the same exact thought, "Call Amy." She'll probably ask you when she gets back next week.

I love your book backgrounds. I bet that helps you remember the feelings you had while reading.

Jans idea about writing a book is a fantastic idea. An English major who loves literature, it makes sense to me.

Alicia said...

I think I want to read Flipped. The middle school romance intrigues me. I am at a complete loss about the backgrounds, but I'll give it a shot. (I guess last time and got almost all of them right.)

1. It looks like wallpaper to me, but how would the book stay on the wall?

2. beach

3. boat?

4. it's marble...patio furniture?

You are awesome at writing reviews, I am always impressed.

Alicia said...

Okay, I lied, it's not marble, some other stone, but I still think it's a table or something.

And I think maybe the wood is a deck.

I have to add that I'm getting irritated with all the J's. Where are the palm trees?! And what was the p's in the last post?

Nicki said...

I have been wondering about Fabelhaven. Whenever I work at the book fair, I've been tempted to get it. In response to your comment, Jory did a great job with the baby when I went to Silverwood. He's the best with kids. He's one of those dads that is a parent, not a babysitter. Love your blogs. I'll have to check out your other site.

SuzanSayz said...

Thanks for the reviews Amy. I'm in the middle of a book right now called "Pictures of Hollis Woods" one of those books about a foster child who has been passed around from family to family. I'm about halfway through and so far it has kept my interest pretty well. I think I might do a post about the books I've read so far this year. I actually decided to keep a running log of all the books I read this year. So far I'm up to twenty one. Which is better than it sounds cause quite a few of them were really big books.

Elise Peterson said...

Oh my gosh! I looove Hidden Talents! I read that one a few years ago and had sort of forgotten about it until no. Sooo good! Also, I hope you plan on reading all the Fablehaven books, because they only get better :)

Noelle said...

fablehaven are brigham's all time favorite books.
here are my ideas for where they were read:
in a car (the car is an awesome shade of green/blue might i add)
on the beach
on a picnic table
on a rock/or pressed concrete
did i get any right?