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Monday, August 31, 2009

No Way! Summer's Done Already?

So three of my guys are now at McLoughlin Middle School...no, Branson just wanted in the picture. John is the Vice Principal, Anderson will be starting 8th grade tomorrow and Cayden joins the rest of the 6th Grade class today. (above) Cayden smiling nicely for mom's camera shoot.
(below) Cayden's photo after requesting a picture with his "normal face" So while Cayden is getting settled into his first ever middle school classroom Anderson is busy...As soon as Cayden is dropped off at school Sydney is the next to get ready for her first big day as the only Cazier at Livingston Elementary. She is in 3rd grade this year and considers herself new and improved with pierced ears and a brand new Cousin Heather haircut. And while Sydney is adjusting to being on the big kid side of the school playground Anderson is still busy... Oh what a rude awakening he will have tomorrow!


Robin Beck said...

My youngest son is the only one left in school this year...He is a senior-I have to tell you, I am so ready for "getting into a routine" again!!! It's been a wonderful summer but I'm glad it's ending!

I think Sydney's "cousin Heather" haircut is as cute as can be!
I wonder if Branson is going to know what to do with himself? (I laugh, by the photos you have shown, I'm sure he will be into something!) He is adorable!

Take care Amy,

Paula -- CutieFruity said...


LKP said...

most entertaining post of the day i think! =) anderson's a lucky kid, cause daisy was up at the crack of dawn to go trucking with dad this morning! lol. lucky anderson indeed! nice that some firsts could happen today though, so that way none were conflicting. =) enjoy tomorrow, thoroughly!

Heidi D said...

My girls go back on the 2nd. I can't WAIT!!! HA HA! {doing a little jig}

Abbey is going into the 6th grade and Lindsay into the 4th.

Merry back to school to you Amy. :))

dandee said...

Poor Amy. . .you might have a problem with that one in the morning.

Sydney's hair is adorable and Cayden looks like a big 6th grader all the sudden.

Happy back to school!

Mikki said...

aw! Look at Sydney! She looks so grown up!!
Poor Anderson, hope his wake up call in the morning isn't too rude!
Cayden looks awfully tall for a sixth grader!! Of course, my fifth grader is almost as tall as me. Guess I'm just short.
Sweet pics.

Svenja said...

They all look so grown up and Sydney is just an eye catcher. Lucky Anderson, but the awaking the next morning will be hard :-)

Alicia Leppert said...

So funny--Branson at MAC, Cayden's "real face" and Anderson snoozing away. Love it.