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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Second Hand Fun

"Oh Wow...someone left a half eaten Rootbeer Float on the ground just for me!""Dang it!""Now wait a minute...there's still some left in here."
"Ummmmm that is good"
"Better make sure I get it all"
"Now that was Lip Smackin' good."


Svenja said...

I love it and you just happen to take the best photos on a day by day basis.

SuzanSayz said...

One of the best things about being the youngest of four children. . . .
Is that your parents are relaxed enough to let you get away with scavenging other people's discards.
Even so relaxed that your mom captures it all on film instead of rushing over and taking it away.

Three Cheers for you Amy, I love it!

LKP said...

mmmm....if that was Hires root beer then I'm soooo jealous! =) You're right, we should totally put together a little fashion show...one year in primary we did a back to school primary activity day complete with a fashion show, and I think we got to put together our own AM routines or something...each in their back to school outfits got their pic taken, which later became individual ornaments on the ward's Christmas tree in the foyer...super fun. =) Anyhow, just wanted to thank you again for contributed in class yesterday-I can always count on ya! =)

Mikki said...

So cute!!!
There's nothing like a root beer float, he's a smart little guy to not let it go to waste!

Kristen said...


Amy, you always manage to capture your family in the most darling ways.

The Shlotthauers said...

He cracks me up! I just wish he'd let himself loose in nursery. Thank you SO much for the toys you've shared and donated. They are a great contribution.

aubrey said...

Those pictures are great! He could be the poster child for summertime with those lip smackin lips of his!