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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

FREE to a Good Home!

I am cleaning out my basement storage room so that I will have space for food storage. If anyone wants a white, wooden high chair it's yours for the taking.

I also have a 0-6 months Boppy brand infant sleeping cuddly. I bought it in desperation when Branson was 5 months and still only sleeping 2 hours at a time. He was too big for it and only used it 2 nights. It was $20 and I don't have the heart to send it to Goodwill if someone else can use it! Ohhh, and it is Memory Foam...Anyone?

If anyone knows someone who is expecting a baby girl in the fall/early winter I have a ginormous bag of 0-12 month girl clothes. They are mostly Gymboree, Baby Gap and Old Navy.


Movie Queen said...

Why on earth are you getting rid of the wooden high chair?! I'm tempted to take it, and I don't need it! Oh, and Tara may want those clothes.

Amy J. said...

I just spoke with Rachel and Tara is due in September so the clothes are hers...one down two to go.

debsters said...

Oh my goodness, is Tara having a girl? That's so exciting.

Amy I'm sorry I didn't recognize you getting the fuzzy peach word. Way to go!!!!

I'll ask around if anyone needs the baby stuff.

Jan said...

Good luck with that Amy. It is so nice to get items cleared out huh..

PRP said...


If no one has claimed the high chair, I will! We don't have one for this baby and it would be great. Just let me know and I'll come grab it.

Karen Johnson

Amy J. said...

Karen, it is all yours! Give me a call and you can come and get it. Do you know what you are having, I am so out of the loop.

Amy J. said...

When Karen comes and takes the high chair everything will be given away! Enjoy!

Jodi said...

I can't believe they have memory foam for babies now - what will they think of next? :) Great givaways Amy!