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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Book of a Thousand Days

Shannan Hale is awesome! I loved Princess Academy and Goose Girl was just as heartwarming. Her books are a good read for both young girls, starting around 3rd grade, and for older women like myself. She is an LDS author and so far her books have been very clean.
I read her latest book by the lake this weekend and Book of a Thousand Days did not disappoint. Like all of her books there is a touch of innocent romance, a hint of believable magic and always a princess in trouble.

Taken from a little-know tale by Brother's Grimm ,Shannan Hale recreates the fantastic story of Dashti, a young and honorable maid who is sealed away in a tower with her Lady Saren. Dashti records her experience in journal form and the reader is invited to follow her days of imprisonment as she and her lady suffer both physically and mentally. As the years pass the world outside is changing and Dashti must decide what is best for Lady Saren.
Shannon Hales lyrical language is enchanting and adds to the excitement and wonder of things to come for Dashti and Lady Saren. There is no foul language of any kind but at one point Dashti removes all of her clothing in front of a crowd of men. There is nothing sexual in nature (and I don't want to give anything away) but Mom's with young daughters may want to read and judge for themselves.
A new favorite, I would recommend Book of a Thousand Days to anyone who enjoys adventure, romance, drama, deception and a good book. My copy is available if anyone is interested.


debsters said...

It's added to our summer reading list, thanks!
My girls can't wait to start their books they have lined up for this summer.

Jodi said...

Sounds like a great read Amy. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm always looking for a great book to read!

4starmom said...

I've heard several other avid readers who like Shannon Hale's books. Now I'll have to check it out. Keep the recommendations coming.

Jan said...

That sounds like a great Author and I really appreciate the recommendations Amy. It is so nice to have you as a librarian. A really cute one too.

Nan said...

I've heard about these books. I wanna start reading them. Thanks for the inspiration.

Movie Queen said...

Wow, you're a great book reviewer! I think I would like this one, I'll have to borrow it. (Mainly because you have me intrigued now why she would take off all her clothes in front of a group of men and not have it be sexual in any way. Piqued my curiosity.)

Marilyn said...

This one looks good, one that I would like, and my girls would probably love it. I will check it out and pre-read it for my girls. Thanks for the recommendation.

Brenda said...

I always welcome a good book review! Thanks Amy!!!

SuzanSayz said...

I bought the book Princess Acadamy last year when I worked at the Bookfair at my kids old elementary school. It took me a while to get into it but I would give it a pretty high approval rating. The only thing that bothered me about it was girls getting married at such a young age. I had no idea the author was a mormon. I guess that maybe explains the girls getting married so young thing.

P.S. I'm kind of a hypocrite, I was 19 when I got married. That seems soooo young to me now.

Aubrey said...

I loved, loved, loved this book!! I just reread Princess Academy for like the fifth time!